Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Caleb, new Champion!

I know, I know... bad blogger. So much stuff going on this way, but... I'm ducking in to give a little brag. :)

Notzmo's Giant Dancer at Stonelight, aka "Caleb" is now finished, and an AKC Champion. He was handled by Angela Hall, and she did a marvelous job with him.

And then he went out this weekend with me on the other end of his leash and knocked out two Select Majors back to back. :D

I couldn't be more pleased with him - he's an awesome, silly, wonderful dog.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Been so busy here lately, I've not really had much time to update much. :)

I figured the least I can do is offer up more photos. ;) Seattle kinda got snowed in a few weeks ago, so... the dogs and I had a great time playing in the snow... XD

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Football season makes a Happy Simon!

As you can see, his quarterback rating is pretty high. ;)

I also pointed out that this ball was the size of his head; and of course, Simon Did. Not. Care. If it can be thrown to be caught and fetched, Simon will catch and fetch it, no problem. Now he's got it down to a science- he picks it up by the laces and carries it back.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Blustery days and Rainbows...

Went to the beach the other day with Simon, Tempe, Nancy and Nugget. Nugget needed some baby free time, being as he's been a great dad to his merry crew. ;) Wind was blowing like crazy, it was just so hard it was stinging your eyes... but we dodged the pouring rain and found a gorgeous rainbow.

Tempe, posing on the park bench. Almost six months old in this shot... purdy girl!

 Of course, no trip to the beach doesn't involve rolling in stinky dead crabs and then washing yourself off in the ocean. Simon jumped right in. Nugget (who did NOT roll in stinky carcasses, because he's a good boy...) helped Tempe realize that water was pretty fun... ;)

 Simon is always a photo opportunist!

Awww... see, little friend? The water's fine. Come on in!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Five months

Is she really five months already? ;) Yep! She is, and prettier by the day, if I do say so myself. ;)

PS: Fun fact of the day. Her favorite bait is dried strawberries and fruit leather. She will give up any sort of meat for fruit leather. ;)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photodump #5 (And an adorable puppy!) ;)

Random summer fun -- well, fall fun! ;) Hahah, Tempe is growing like a weed... she also has her official name now - Samhain Silver Lining at Stonelight.

Also, I am totally thrilled to announce that we've got half of a new addition to the family. ;)

I am so delighted -- I absolutely adore these wonderful dogs and I absolutely adore their owner.

Meet - Galena's Golden Rule -- "Ginger" who I am totally head over heels with -- and will co-own with her fantastic breeder (and awesome friend) Nancy, of Galena Cardigans. She's a Nugget daughter (and he's one of my favorite guys ever, handsome and sweet) out of her girl Kate (who I also adore!) Ginger's going to live at Nancy's house -- which is just a short hop from mine, haha.

I get to socialize her and help show her ...  bonus points is that she gets to tire out Tempe (if anything CAN tire out Tempe) and then go home. ;) Awesome. More bonus points that I can photograph her. ;) I'm working on my Tri-color skills. ;)

To me... it's amazing, I had all these years in Shepherds, and I'm only in my third year of Cardigans. And I can say that I have learned more, laughed more, delighted more, and made some of the best friends I ever, ever have had, showing dogs or not.

I sure can't thank Nancy enough for this opportunity. Also for having that darn song stuck in my head again. ;) Darn you, Burl Ives.

True facts:  I totally watched the heck out of Rudolph as a kid!  (I also  wore a set of cardboard antlers and taped a red paper nose on my nose for nearly all of December until I had a raw nose, hahah. There is photo evidence of this, but you'll just have to take my word for it, because it's sure not going up here, hee!  ;) )