Tuesday, April 27, 2010

16/52 - "Recess!"

Simon has found one more thing he thinks is awesome -- the slide.

I climbed up the stairs and over the bridge and to the top! Ta da!

And then... I realized holy moly, I can go down FAST! Wheeeee! :D This is fun!

I admit, Simon's just awesome for photography. I'm spoiled. He's so easy to set on anything, he'll try anything, he likes strange places and strange things to climb on. Caleb on the other hand... well, at least he sat still with Simon giving him the hint about nice poses. ;)

I get back from taking photos of Caleb and feel like I've worked out for two hours trying to get him to sit still for half a second. Then again, I always tend to feel that way when he gets distracted. Okay, he's easily distracted. He totally has no attention span and no food motivation, but at least he's always ready to play with other dogs in a friendly way. He's never met a dog he didn't like. A lot of them don't like him, but hey, it's all good! There's more fish in the sea to play with! :D

So our goal is to knuckle down and go to a handling class starting next week. I have my mare in training and need to go over and take a lesson tomorrow, but after that, I am bound and determined to find something to crank his attention around and back onto me or a handler.

I'm guessing it's not going to be as easy as getting Simon to pose. ;) Actually, I think it would be easier to teach Simon how to play a waltz on the piano.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

15/52 "Hide and Peek"

No cheating, Simon. You finish counting to a hundred, buddy. ;)

Share the ball, bro?

We had a guest over for a bit; Dayl's pretty tomboy girl Candy. She was just visiting to hang out and get some social experiences, since my work's pretty good for that. Simon was sort of smitten with her for the first day or so -- and then she took all of his toys and that sort of blew the whole deal for him. He stopped being smarmy and just wanted his toys back.
Caleb in the pasture...

Caleb, Simon and Candy -- we found a use for the arena besides riding the horses, haha! Run Candy, Ruuuuuuunnnnn!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

14/52 "Let Me Have Cake!!"

Simon has the biggest sweet tooth ever...

Tonight he realized the Red Velvet Cake had Cream Cheese Frosting. Wow, he didn't know cakes came with cheese! This is like some magical combination purely for Corgi happiness!

(Last weeks photo was the sad one of him in the window, haha.)

And just for fun... one extra with cake excitement. I think if his eyes get any bigger they're going to pop out of his head. Sadly, Caleb took a bite and was like, "Okay, don't get it, what's the big deal?" He's so not food motivated, haha.

Mostly because he just makes me grin. What a goof.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Show days, spring storms, and a good boy...

Weekend two of three weekends in a row for Caleb and I. Last week in Bremerton, he picked up a point, going BOW there on Saturday. Had a great time with everyone over at the house like I said in the post before, haha.

Of course, it's been miserable and wet all week. Simon just is bored to death with the limited inside time. :/ Sigh.

This weekend we went to Albany, Oregon, and had a blast. Well, okay, the opening was uh, not so much of a blast. First of all, a grand old storm decided to blow into our area. Sixty mile an hour gusts, driving rain, and man, it was a mess. Of course, I was walking Caleb onto the boat to meet Dayl on the other side, and first off the ferry was running behind. Secondly, oh man -- see, they don't allow dogs in the cabin, you have to stay outside on the upper decks or the front of the boat. It was bitterly cold, the ship was rolling and rocking, and the two of us were the only critters up on that top deck.

This was beautiful though. This huge rainbow was right off the point, and ships were passing underneath it right before we left the dock. I wish this shot showed a bit more on how rough it was -- doesn't look it, does it? Let me tell you, when we started to move, it got downright er, a bit touchy there. That deck was rolling and pitching like a rodeo bull, and the rain was coming down so hard that the covered deck was leaking above us. We kept scootching back and back to get under the cover. Luckily, Caleb handled it all like a little trooper; he just sat on the bench and cuddled with me and I sort of admit I was sort of thinking things I shouldn't as we were being tossed up and down unpleasantly.

"In case of emergency water landing, Cardigan can be used as a flotation device..." was running through my head.

Luckily, his little coat kept him pretty dry and warm... mine, not so much. ;) Grabbed the wrong coat, whoops!

Finally got over and met Dayl and her crew and then we got the joy of being stuck for three hours in bad traffic, ugh. Oh boy, that makes for a long drive from Seattle to Albany, eep! Apparently a big fir tree had crashed down in the storm, landed on the brand new guard rail and smashed it into a mangled mess, and there were branches all the way across the highway. :/ Hope no cars were under that or clipped, but I wouldn't have been surprised - traffic was bad. The rain wasn't helping either - at times you could barely see.

However, the show was a ton of fun. Pam was so sweet and gracious for letting us and the dogs crash at her house. The puppy party was fun and I learned a ton from a lot of breeders there, and I was thrilled to get some nice comments on my dog from them.

Caleb went RWD both days, and I'm really thrilled about that. The dogs there were very, very nice, and it could have gone any way either day. One thing I can say about Liblet is that he's consistent! Plus, the reserve earned us this gorgeous blanket as one of the supported entry trophies, embroidered with a wonderful Cardigan. What's so cool? It's the same shade of green as my walls, and it looks sharp on the sofa. Plus, it's big enough for me and the dogs to cuddle in.

Coming home, we made much better time, and the ferry ride home was much less of an adventure. Caleb is a good little traveler -- he takes it all in stride. He was so wiped out though he just flopped and sat on the benches, and I think his expression says it all. I love this shot for some reason. I think it's the crumpled ear and the softness of his eye...

Simon was overjoyed to see him -- and it was a roughhouse Cardi party for about half an hour. Me, I had to try and wheedle my way back into the cat's good graces. Dusty is not amused that I would leave for a whole weekend. I'm being shunned, hahah. At least the dogs still love me. ;)