Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not a Cat.

Or maybe Caleb's not a dog. These two just crack me up. Now, Dusty loves puppies. He loves to wrestle with puppies, and he can do a pretty good honorary frap. I will say though that Caleb's been the funniest one yet to watch play with the cat; the cat swats with a paw, Caleb reaches out and swats with a paw, and then they sit back on their haunches and slap each other silly.

They were goofing around the hall this morning, so I finally managed to sneak in a few bad shots of them playing.

She has a camera? Huh. Should we leave now?

Oof! Hey, that's it, no holds barred! I win! I win!

Ow, ow! No fair, no fair! Mom, he's got me in a headlock! He's... winning. Crud. Why does the cat always win when we play this game?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well, computers, that is. So, I'm in the process of rehoming all my photos and software and everything else, yikes. That is a longer process than I expected, ugh.

However, I figured I'd share something cute that someone did for me.

Pixel Simon, ta da! Okay, now to go remove 1300 songs off of my computer. How the heck do I get 1300 songs on anything, wow. I think that's a whole lot of years of me putting my CD's on the laptop to listen to while I write....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Arena workout!

(Warning, pic heavy!)

Yup, I should have been really working the fatty ponies. But instead, I figured since I had the morning off, ended up going up to the barn to turn out the crew, and had the camera... the Cardi Boys could tag along with me.

Since there were no working horses in the arena (lazy bums that they are...) It became an awesome Corgi playground for lucky little puppies who thought that was the coolest thing ever. It was like a giant sandbox, I guess.

Simon, of course, was the first one to realize just how cool it could be!

Yeah, I think I should set up the barrels now. Turn and burn, puppy! I have to say, that's an impressive amount of dust for short little legs.

Velocity Corgi!

Then Caleb figured it all out and thought - anything he can do, I do better!

Of course, then you chase your big brother around the mounting block a few times, and bite him every chance you get.

Wait, you're telling us to go back in the car? I'm noooot done playing, nooooo! Balk, balk! (It never works, but you'd think it did, according to him.)

Crud, you and Simon are really leaving? Wait up, wait up, wait up, you guys!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last weekend...

Simon, waiting patiently behind our booth at "Wag Fest."

The boys really didn't think that whole x-pen thing was fun, but they were really good. We actually saw two other Cardis that day. A brindle, from a distance who we didn't get to meet, and an 11 month old who was whoa oh my goodness huge. He had at least ten pounds and four inches on Simon, and he was a pink, too! All I got was a shot of his tail, unfortunately, but Simon were all excited to see each other, and immediately set to wrestling. They played for a bit - it's funny how Corgis know other Corgis, and they all play like Corgis. ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You know, he's got the right idea. I want to curl up and take a nap in the yard too.

Of course, I'm going to pass on swimming in the pond first, thanks. Also, wow, he's really suddenly turning into the sweetest dog. I don't know what happened. I think he's a pod person or something. He also looks ridiculous right now - he grew up, lengthened, and now is this floppy weird puppy-puppet. It looks like he's got strings on his legs or something, and he does the "silly puppeh" gallop. So cute.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ah, I really love my shop.

*laughs* Whoo boy. See Piper's ignore face? The one where you're smiling and trying to ignore the goob right next to you breathing in your ear? I need to take lessons from Piper, she's got a good one!

So, tonight I just have to shake my head here and share with other dog folks. I know some of you work in pet-related industries. We have Chuck-its which are these ball launchers for dogs, right? They come in four sizes, appropriate to your size of dog. She picks one up and comes stomping to the counter.

"Do you NOT KNOW this size ball can choke a DOG! My dog is a Lab, you could KILL him with this."

Me: "Er, that's the small dog size, ma'am. For small dogs?"

Her: (Has to think about this for a minute. Not kidding.)

Me: Grits teeth - honest, it's a pleasant customer smile.* It's not me threatening to bite if you shove it in my face again. "Like small terriers, and toy dogs? Little dogs? See the package, why would you have a big dog play with that? There's the big dog one, and then the giant dog one, over here."

Her: Eyes me, then stalks over and puts it back. "They're too expensive anyway."

That's been one of a whole lot of them today. I've also had my constant dog food returner who feeds half a pound to her four pound Pom and then brings the rest back. I think we're on bag twenty plus or so, sigh. I love that, boy oh boy. Sheesh.

*Note: Yep, Piper and I had the same expression. "Keep grinning! They'll go away sometime...."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You know, I take all these pictures, and the common theme is Simon stuffing a ball in his mouth. The other common theme seems to be Caleb chomping on someone.

Riley is down to 32 lbs! 32! Hey, this may not seem like a major thing, but I am so, so happy. Ten pounds off! Five to go... I still think he looks fat, though, but he has a tail. An actual tail, that sticks up in a horribly cropped way, poor guy! I didn't realize how much fat padding he had around his tail, owch.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ruddy Buddy

Cool pond, warm grass, good rub.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bliss is...

A mowed yard, a tennis ball, and a human to throw it over and over and over again.

Or, in Caleb's case, to sit and watch Simon do that over and over and over again and make fun of him.

It's interesting. All of a sudden Caleb's just shot up, shot out, and is looking less like a puppy and more and more like a mini-adult. I swear he's grown five inches and four pounds in the last week, and he's ravenously eating anything in sight.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh noes! The Green Eyed Man!

I ended up getting a day off of work unexpectedly. (My car is still in the shop, and my manager forgot that I needed a ride in today and got stuck talking to a client for a petsitting job this morning way over his alloted time.)

So, I'm sitting here working on some art, and I decide to pop in Bolt for background fun. I've had it sitting here for weeks, unopened.

The opening sequence, where he's a puppy, squeaking his toy and whining? I look over and Simon and Caleb are staring at the big screen, wagging, totally focused on the TV.

"Whuff!" Simon says.

"Bark!" Caleb agrees.

Apparently, they figure he looks like a Cardigan more than a Shepherd too!

Darnit, and my camera battery is on the charger. Go figure. It's hilarious, they've been watching it for about fifteen minutes now. The sequences with the people bore them, but they utterly recognize it's a dog. Kind of neat, really!

(Pardon my really messy TV stand. I swear, it's not normally this bad. Pictures, though! Caleb wants to blow up buildings with his eyes, I bet. Maybe it's not a good idea to let him watch this.)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Darn those Cardigans.

Caleb is a cat-food addict. If he can grab it, he eats it. Not allowed in the house, thank you! I had the cat food on a table, and he literally learned to jump from the floor to the table. Fine, fixed that (or thought I did) I got a higher table.

Well, had to have the mobile vet out for one of the cats. I looked through the window and see both Pembrokes lying by the door. No Cardis. None.

... darnit. Found them instantly - they'd opened the door to the back room, snuck into the cat food area and pushed a small table back here across the floor to the taller table, and both of them had leapt up on the table and were stuffing down the cat food as fast as possible in the bowls, plus they'd snagged the bag off the bookshelf by rearing up on their hind legs on the table and it had exploded all over the floor.

Needless to say, they were moving pretty darn fast when I came in there, and I was ticked as heck. I don't know which one pushed the table there, but it was seven feet away from where it had been. While I give them mucho credit for problem solving, I am NOT amused about the amount of calories they just packed down in five minutes. Grrr.

Edit: Then I kicked them both outside, and what does Simon do? I walk out on the porch and he's in the fishpond yet again. This time, he had apparently dropped his ball into it, and his ball drive was higher than his "Get out of there darnit!" drive.

Luckily the camera was right on the kitchen table. I totally wholeheartedly believe Caleb threw it in there in the first place. I think my poor goldfish are getting a complex... It's like Dogzilla goes through there twice a day.