Friday, June 24, 2011

Working like -- yeah, I've used this before. ;)

Like a dog, lately. Actually, the dogs have been working less. They get to lie there at work for the most part and eat things. ;) I want their job! Tempe is getting bigger, and she just amazes me, day in and day out. She's got incredible focus and concentration for an 11 week old. And she now has EARS... hahaha. Those came up. Funny how much she changes with her ears. ;) She's a mover too, a mover and a shaker, she can gait, gait gait... but what I love most about her is her willingness and bravery. You ask, she tries. No fear. Except for when the cats come barreling at her, and heck, I get out of the way if it's Sophie the terrorist. ;)

As you can see by the photos... Natural Balance was having a retailer contest for their promotion/giveaway.

So, hey... we figured we'd sort of take it the one step beyond and have fun. Simon was totally up for skateboarding -- I think I could totally teach him to use it. He'd probably love it. ;) Go fast!

What surprised us was Tempe -- she totally was in these shots, happy as could be. Total concentration, even with other dogs, a lot of people, and all sorts of things going on. Look at her be a show off and balance on the skateboard!! ;) I can't do that! Clever girl! Yeah, I think she came with an automatic "sit up" feature. She tries using it for everything, including when I say "no." (Sit up! Yeah, I'll try that, it works!)

She's a heck of a puppy, that's for sure. Adore her! ;) I will say all the "random scary noises" CD that Kim and Mark play for their puppies really works. Loud noises and scary things don't phase her. I uh, half wish they did at times. No fear! ;)

(Also, a Riley photo, because he's been feeling left out and crotchety.)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

So you want to be in pictures, baby...

Well, first you need to take advice from Simon... which is -- always show your best side.

Then take advice from Caleb. Know you're a supermodel, and work that rock like a runway.

Think you can do those things at nine weeks, Tempe?

Hmph, you have to ask? I know how to go to the back door and ask to go out, and I carry my own leash, so, this is just a cakewalk. Is this my best side? I think so...
Hmmmm...  Caleb's right. You work it like you own this park. The Striped Zoolander might know the Blue Steel look, but I'm working on my own catchphrase, thanks!
And I'm spent. Talk to my agent about next week, thank you. I need to go freshen up.