Saturday, October 31, 2009

To Infinity!!!!

And Beyond!!!

(Happy Halloween! ;) )

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A day at the show in pictures...

(Yup, we were at a show this weekend, so... no Corgicatures for me today. I'll make it up later this week, promise! You're all dog people, you'll forgive me. ;) Instead, I'll share a few pictures from the show, haha. Nothing major to report - didn't do anything the first day, but Caleb got RWD the second and beat the dog who won the first day, so I'm happy with it!

Also, my camera is totally broken. Something's messed up and I've forced it into inside picture mode, but it's not a happy camper. So, forgive the lousy photos.)

Hi mom... I smell like flowers! :D

Huh... lookit that huge dog! It's ginormous!

Check it out ladieeees! Chicks dig me! :D (We have decided this is Caleb's tagline, haha! Man, he's just a happy little dude, blur and all.)

Only decent shot of Simon in the ring in two days. Sigh. He was having fun, but all the shots just came out lousy except this one.

Hi to the nice dog who won yesterday... (Who played nice with him for a few minutes, aw.)

Eep! Don't kiss me! Bella's going in the ring! I gotta look manly!

This is Bella! She likes me. A lot. All she wants to do is push me over though and punch me and chew on me. Mom says it's playground love. I just figure it's best to roll over. Girls are mean.

Phantom, the lap stealer, haha. She's just sweet, I love her.

Simon apparently takes great photos at the hotel room.

I'm on your side? Oh. I love you?

Thanks again to Dayl and Y for handling them for me, and I got to meet Emily and Dea and Cee! Which was awesome fun! :D Again, Caleb got knocked over and loved on by a girl. XD Poor Caleb. Girls just love roughing him up and licking his face. I keep telling him he should appreciate it, but he's not buying it one bit.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clash of the Sofa Titans

It was a day of sitting. A day of raining. A day of utter inside boredom that had to be rectified, through any means.

So our mighty hero takes these matters into his own short paws...

"Oh ho, foul feline villian! I am liberating this comfy sofa from your clawed clutches!"

"We do battle, tooth to claw, tooth to claw!"

"Meanwhile, my faithful brother hears my plight and comes to my aid! Haha, striped nemesis! You will feel the Wrath of the Cardigans!"

"I said, comes to my aid, not stand there and laugh at me, Simon!!! Simon! Ow, Simon, give me some help here!"



"Yeah, yeah, I hear you howling threats of revenge. Know what? It's just not threatening because you're hiding behind the bathroom doorframe while you're doing it. I wash my face of you!"

(Hahah, I think the drugs have gone to my head. Come on, icky flu, give up already!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Corgicatures #4 - Spencer

Like I said on the last post, I had time to do two different sketches this week since I was laid up with this viral goo that's managed to take over my chest and set up home there for the last week.

So I'd lying there watching TV and realize that a half an hour into something that I'd been scratching a Corgi belly this whole time, because there were dogs happily taking advantage of this to the full extent. It was like ninja belly-rubs, I'd just see one working his way down the sofa, lying on his back, feet in the air and squirming right under my fingers. Sneaky little buggers.

Also, while I was so sick I sat and read everyone else's dogblogs. I have to say, I love reading everyone else's blogs - just a ton of fun.

Spencer has the cutest darn ears. I love the little odd spots he's got to offset his charming little grin. (Also, just like my crew, he knows how to work the system and get himself a belly rub, doesn't he?)

(Yep, I'm still taking slots for these. Everyone who's replied so far, gotcha down, no worries!)

Corgicatures #3 - Darwin

Had a little extra time this week (while I was full of viral yuck for five lovely, special days) and so while I was sniffling, coughing and choking -- I got to watch TV for a bit, drink tea, and doodle several sketches in between shuffling Caleb and Dusty around on my feet to keep warm.

I have to say, there's something adorable about Pink Cardis that makes them utterly adorable. It's like looking at a wagging, happy ball of cotton candy.

So, here's Darwin and his Best. Toy. Ever. Frisbee!!!!!

Hey, I loved my frisbee when I was a kid too. I used it to scoop up the water out of the ditch with the green scum and flip it at my sister. Needless to say, I bet Darwin doesn't get in as much trouble!

(I'm still taking slots for these. Everyone who's replied so far, gotcha down, no worries!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

MyCorgi - Calendar Final!

Yayyyyyy... Simon made the final thirty cut on's calendar photos!

I feel pretty darn cool about that. Second year in a row we've finaled - lets see if we can make it to the final product! Lots of great photos and lots of great dogs out there!

Of course, only members can vote this year, haha.... :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Comm error ...

Dear Caleb -

What we seem to have here is a failure to communicate. Now, listen; I grew up never letting dogs on the bed. Cats, sure, cats are clean. Dogs, dogs are not.

I know, I know, you're right, they do scratch around in the litterbox and then lick their own paws. However, you and I both know that we've never seen a cat roll in something undescribable in the yard, or throw itself into my fish pond, unlike your charming self.

You have a perfectly good set of wonderful, orthopedic dog beds on the floor. In fact, all of the other dogs find them absolutely fantastic, and are right now as we speak, cuddled up in them. Simon's even on his back with all four paws in the air and snoring.

Your brother has no problems accepting that well, there are some things in life that dogs must regrettably do in order to balance out the fact that humans feed you, devote our lives to your well-being... and for goodness sake, we even stand there with in the cold with a baggie while you debate exactly what is the perfect spot. That's love, right there.

In conclusion, now that we've come to an understanding... get on your own side of the bed. Thank you.

(Hey, I can't help this one tonight -- I'm as sick as... well, the dogs are always healthy, thank goodness. I think I have the flu - it's totally knocked me for a loop. Last night, I half-dazedly remember pondering about getting up and going to the kitchen to get something, but not really. When realized that I was actually standing there, the Cardis and the cat had followed and were looking up at me, in a rather worried way. Apparently, I don't often just stand in the kitchen at three AM. They had a good point.)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Corgicatures #2 - "Hunter"

So let me preface this by saying that I met Hunter and Y. of Dune Cardigans for the first time at a herding trial this spring. Here I was, a German Shepherd person my whole life, and here are all these Shepherds out working...

Hunter was the one who blew my doors off that day. He figured the whole thing out and had those sheep moving like he'd done it every day of his life. A dog with drive and work ethic will always set me drooling, and the fact that he's darn handsome on top of it is my icing on the cake. ;) Whuff!

For some strange reason, cartoony sheep are fun to draw... *grin*

Thanks, Y. for letting me doodle him! :D

(I'm still taking slots for these, I've been asked, so, yep! Everyone who's replied so far, gotcha down, no worries! Hoping that this week is kinder to me work wise and I can finish a few!)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Let's talk about sharing -

Simon says - "no!"

Work's been just crazy nuts all week. Crazy nuts. It's good, which makes me feel better about getting into the holiday season. I'm far more hopeful this year than last. As long as it doesn't snow the week before Christmas, I'll be a whole lot better.

Also, I've honestly decided that my least favorite question sometimes is - "What is the best food for my dog?"

People often don't like my answer, which is, "Every dog is different, there is simply no perfect, best, all around absolute, or we'd only have one way to feed, one diet, or one brand, and they'd corner the market."

Of course, then they ask me what I personally feed, and usually right then Caleb goes strutting by with a mouthful of cat hair or bird feathers or random paper napkin, hahaha. You have to laugh!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Corgicature #1 - "Pixel"

Hahahha, well, here we go, it's Sunday, according to the clock! This one was a blast - the one and only go-getter girl, Manymuddypaws' Pixel. I've always loved her since I first saw her on Flickr after getting Simon - she's just a beautiful, striking, and happy dog!

Tried a little different technique on the fur and the background on this one! :) I like the fur texture, hahaha. It was fun to do a fluffy! (Also, I don't envy the grooming after a good romp in the mud!)

Hope you like, A! :D (I also have her on a flat green background if you want me to send you a copy of that one.)

She's just adorable! Zoom! Thanks for letting me draw her!

If you'd like a little doodle of your own, go here! I'm still taking requests at this point!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pembroke for Rehome - Seattle Area

I don't have all the details yet, and I've only met the dog a few times myself.

However, he's coming here this morning to foster with me and I'll evaluate him and get a better picture of what he's like.

So far, this is what I know...

Four year old neutered male Pembroke, red and white. Housebroken. No papers (however, yes, he is purebred. Came from a puppy-sales store that is no longer operating in my area.) In good health, though, up to date on all shots, etc. First home gave him to another owner, and he is just not working out with her situation - she has no fence, an elderly dog that he pesters and tries to play with all the time (the old dog is not amused) and has a grandchild on the way, and she was not informed of all of his issues, either.

Edit - okay, this is a NICE dog. A really, really nice dog. If I didn't have four of my own I'd take this guy, but he really deserves a home where he can be an only child. I think he'd be happiest that way. Heck, my own two rescues came with more issues than this guy.

Is a real cuddler, wants attention. I handled him and fitted him for a harness, and he rolled right over and wanted a tummy rub. Clipping his nails, he licked my fingers, aw.

He is good with cats. (At least is really nice to mine and knows what cats are. My cats rubbed on him, walked around him, and trotted by him and he never broke to chase and politely sniffed and let them be.) Walks nice on a leash, quiet, has been crate-trained at one point, and sat in one politely when we went out to eat. Cried a little bit, barked a little bit, but when we came back he was quiet and asleep.

Is a little dog-crabby when dogs get in his face, and yes, he's dominant, but does not seem to be dog aggressive. If they leave him alone, he leaves them alone. Was out with all four of mine playing a few hours after he got here and there was a little squabble, but nothing serious, just typical push and shove as they sorted out the order. Doesn't like dogs coming up to him when he's on his leash, though, and will lunge and growl. (At home, I gave him one immediate correction, and he hasn't even tried to be cranky since. He's not a dominant people dog at all, really wants to please and be right with you.)

The previous owner says he's not fond of children, but he was with me today at work and he seems to be okay with older kids, so far. I don't think he'd be great around really young kids.

Knows basic commands, come, (he'd like to ignore this one, though) sit, down, stay... I think he knows shake, but I'm not entirely sure. Okay with handling his feet and his teeth, rides politely in the car, sitting on his seat and not jumping around the car - (and loves car rides!) Is a gentleman taking food and snacks - he's NICE with treats. Not food aggressive at all. Loves to play with toys.

Bad points - hahah, that lousy "come" word. He is a bolter, and you'd need a fenced yard, or have him on leash all the time. I have a feeling he'd get better with training, but it's going to take a bit. Supposedly has marked in the house, but man, you'd think he'd pee here and he hasn't, not once. Very toy and attention possessive/reactive, and that is what starts his squabbles with the other dogs.

Edit #2 - Yup! It's toy related - he loves to play with toys and DOES not want to share with another dog. He doesn't care about food and the other dogs, or space and the other dogs, it's all about the toy. So far, his "fighting" is just all sound and fury and snapping, but he's not connecting. Corrected, he does stop immediately, and did not try it a second time during the playtime. However, I can see why they had problems in a multi dog household. The toy is his trigger.

Edit #3 - Attacks vacuums, he was all about getting that sucker when I took it out and started cleaning. ;) Hahahah.

Also, very licky and does jump up.

This is an awfully nice dog. I think he's something pretty special, here. He'd really love to live with someone and be an only dog so he can have all the attention and car rides for himself.... :) He's not a dog-dog, he's a people dog.

If anyone knows of anyone that might be interested in giving this guy a home, let me know!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, I hear you like Corgis...!!!

Apparently, those are the words that make people ask you if you'll take their dog with issues.... ;) Stay tuned, we'll see if he ends up here or not for a while! (He's actually a nice dog, really, and I think just needs a one on one home with a Pembroke-savvy handler.)

On a totally different note - whoa, I didn't expect people to be interested in these little Corgi-catures I've been doing!

Tell you what...? Right now, I could use practice again; I'm so, so rusty at drawing dogs, and I need to work on understanding this program a little better too, so, no charge. Here's the deal - I'll totally just do some for fun and giggles, if you'll let me experiment on your poor unsuspecting Corgis like some sort of scribbly Dr. Frankenstein.

So, if you want one (and you're welcome to pass this on to other Corgi folks, too, I don't mind) here's what I need to add you to the list!

1)Post here, that way I can keep track.

2) Right now, one dog per person! You can pick your dog or have me pick the dog from your dogs. If you want to pick, mention that dog's name. :) If I get done with them all, I'll go back and do second dogs, or third dogs, or if you own a kangaroo, I'll try that too! *grin*

3) A couple of good photos of your dog, front and side, or a link to a photo site or blog with your dogs on them.

4) Your dog's personality! This is important, because that's a big part of these little sketches. I like to know what makes your dog tick, so to speak. Is your dog a gogogo dog, or a sleep on the floor roll over for a cookie dog... What do they like to do? :D

Annnnd, that's it! I can't say I'll get them done super fast (my time is often eaten up, and especially heading into Christmas time - yay retail) but I'll do them as I can. I will try to post a new doodle up Sundays, and it'll be sort of random who I pick and choose from the list because some days I feel like drawing one color or personality, and other days, another. I'm kind of a goof that way. ;) I promise though, if you put your name in here, I'll get to your dog at some point. It's good motivation for me to keep drawing a little more, honest.

Also, because every post needs a random dog photo, here's Riley with his collar from Vegas. Because every rather curmudgeonly dog needs a bit of sparkle in his life, mwahahah!