Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, I hear you like Corgis...!!!

Apparently, those are the words that make people ask you if you'll take their dog with issues.... ;) Stay tuned, we'll see if he ends up here or not for a while! (He's actually a nice dog, really, and I think just needs a one on one home with a Pembroke-savvy handler.)

On a totally different note - whoa, I didn't expect people to be interested in these little Corgi-catures I've been doing!

Tell you what...? Right now, I could use practice again; I'm so, so rusty at drawing dogs, and I need to work on understanding this program a little better too, so, no charge. Here's the deal - I'll totally just do some for fun and giggles, if you'll let me experiment on your poor unsuspecting Corgis like some sort of scribbly Dr. Frankenstein.

So, if you want one (and you're welcome to pass this on to other Corgi folks, too, I don't mind) here's what I need to add you to the list!

1)Post here, that way I can keep track.

2) Right now, one dog per person! You can pick your dog or have me pick the dog from your dogs. If you want to pick, mention that dog's name. :) If I get done with them all, I'll go back and do second dogs, or third dogs, or if you own a kangaroo, I'll try that too! *grin*

3) A couple of good photos of your dog, front and side, or a link to a photo site or blog with your dogs on them.

4) Your dog's personality! This is important, because that's a big part of these little sketches. I like to know what makes your dog tick, so to speak. Is your dog a gogogo dog, or a sleep on the floor roll over for a cookie dog... What do they like to do? :D

Annnnd, that's it! I can't say I'll get them done super fast (my time is often eaten up, and especially heading into Christmas time - yay retail) but I'll do them as I can. I will try to post a new doodle up Sundays, and it'll be sort of random who I pick and choose from the list because some days I feel like drawing one color or personality, and other days, another. I'm kind of a goof that way. ;) I promise though, if you put your name in here, I'll get to your dog at some point. It's good motivation for me to keep drawing a little more, honest.

Also, because every post needs a random dog photo, here's Riley with his collar from Vegas. Because every rather curmudgeonly dog needs a bit of sparkle in his life, mwahahah!


dreameyce said...

I don't care which one you do, but Galaxy says "ME! ME!", while Traum is the refined, polite old man.

Sparkles says if you want to try a Pomeranian, she's up for the job, esp if it involves being adored!

I have 25 billion photos on flickr, and the blog, so have fun ;0P

dreameyce said...

Oh and I vote you do Harry Potter while you're at it! I bet Jacque would get a kick out of it, and Sarah Keth would LOVE one of her red boy, Kane, over at the Hurrikane Cardigans blog ;)

Kane is Sarah's "Traum", and quite the character *G*

penni said...

I would love you to doodle Chase. He is a happy, exuberant, licking, sweet-tempered, goofy boy. He has his own website at In his scrapbook are show photos, candids, puppy pictures, etc. Of course, there are always pictures of him on my blog I cannot wait to see what you do with him. I love this dog!

Thank you so much

manymuddypaws said...

love the collar- i think all dogs need some bling! :o)

Traci said...

I would love for you to do one of mine... I feel like a bad mom, picking one over the others, so I will let you gander through my blog and see what you see...
Sedona is the princess (to a hilt),
Chance is a goon,
Dakota is a refined old play police
and Piper, well.. she's a baby puppy :)
Can't wait to see what you do!

Dawn said...

Oh we would love it if you would do one of us too. You can pick from any of my kids, your choice. Magic is my willing do everything toy crazy fluffy boy. Grace is the queen, the boss, surveyer of everything. Siren is my tomboy, throws herself enthusiastically at the world, and Peace is the goofball, happy go lucky airhead. You can see pics at either the blog or the website, and if you tell me which one you prefer I can send whatever shot you would like to see. or

This and That at Qwaynt Cardigans said...

you could do which ever of my cardigans

Dune Cardigans said...

How could we resist the offer!!
You can pick which dog - Hunter, Bella or LE.

Hunter - Mr. Do-It-All with a smile. Very loyal momma's boy. Smart (most days), loves playing fetch.

Bella - Cute, cute, cute. Goes with the flow. Very puppy. Thinks Hunter and LE hang the moon. ;)

LE - Boss lady. More regal, elegant, blonde-bombshell attitude. We used to call her 'Barbi' because she is a little 'blonde'. She will chase her tail on command!

Pics on the website. Or I can send you more.

Taryn said...

I'll jummp on this band wagon too! Either boy is fine, your choice...Jimmy, the black one, is loud, super bossy, fast as lightening, loves agility and his tennis ball. Wilson is much more dignified, loves sticks, food, and napping! Plenty of pictures on my blog: Thanks!

Elbeepem said...

Me too! I'd love a doodle of our new funny boy, Sage. He's a "pink" boy. You can see photos here:
And here:

He is a total character, and really sweet! Always looking for something to do, always happy, with a smile on his face!

Mel said...

A doodle of Darwin would be wonderful! You can see pictures of him here at his blog:

He is also a 'pink' cardi. Personality-wise, he is the happiest dog I've ever known, always ready to get up and go on an adventure. He is also quite the little comedian and finds such humorous ways to brighten my day. Overall, a wonderful little dog.

Mel said...

Oh, and Darwin is obsessed with his frisbee. It is better than treats in his opinion!

Jules said...

Your work is fantastic.

If you are still taking requests I would LOVE for you to do my blue boy Bug. He is a complete and utter love bug, goober, and sheep obsessed boy.

My blog is

I will gladly e-mail additional photos if you are able to do him.

Jules said...

If you decide you have the energy to do Bug, this post has 12 photos - one for each month he was with me (at the time):

Paws on the Run said...

Does she have to be a corgi? What about kind of like a corgi but not? Lacey has short legs, big prick ears, short fur and a thick tail. See... she could be a corgi. But really she is a pug/cattle dog cross (near as we can figure anyway).

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one you did of Pixel! Awesome work!

Shep said...

*laughs* Nah, short legs and prick ears gets you past go and collects 200.00! I'll put her on the list too! :)

And no worries everyone who's replied so far, you're on the list! :) I'm going to *try* and get two done this week to play a little catch up, but no promises!

Thanks so much for offering to let me do this, it's fun!

Jules said...

Thank you for doing this. It is TOO cool!

foxpointdogs said...

What an amazing offer. I'd love to jump in with both feet for my girl, Paikea. She's a character with a huge personality that fills the room. She goes 90 miles and hour constantly, is bossy, stubborn and amazingly cuddly all at once ... and a talky, grumbly drama queen. She's incredibly smart and loves to work. We compete in agility and obedience. She has gone from starters agility to masters in one season and she's only just turned 3. She's very much a fluffy-coat too! (Is that a confusing enough profile?!)

I'm hoping you can access my facebook photos at If not, email me at elisagayharley @ for some photos.

Thanks sooo very much!
--gay harley and paikea

Elizabeth said...

Wow, tons of replies at this point, but if you need another one, you can do Echo! You can get pics on my MyCorgi page, and here's a facebook album as well:

He's very sweet and low-key most of the time. Loves to chill on the couch and watch tv, dissect a wubba, or roll on his back and watch us upside down. When he's hyper he chases us in circles and nips at our feet. (Trying to cure him of that particular habit. :) ) Hope things are good with you!


Holly said...

I just found your blog. YOu did a fabulous job on pixel.

If it isn't too much, I would love one of my dogs.

Joanna said...

I held off as long as I could, because I feel bad about asking for something so obviously worth money, but seeing Pixel threw me right into the deep end :).

I'm happy to let you choose whichever of my dogs you think would be suitable. I have hundreds or thousands of photos at or I can find a particular pose if you'd like.

Clue (merle): Happiest dog ON EARTH. Never stops smiling. Loves absolutely everybody and everything, no matter what. You could shoot her out of a cannon and she'd come back for more.

Bronte (black): Sweet, quiet, often overlooked. When she gets excited she bounces off the ground on all four legs.

Friday (puppy); All squishy puppiness. She has crazy fuzzy ears and is SUPER smart.

The rescues:

Ginny: My daughter's service dog in training. Very pushy, extremely affectionate, hilarious, food-obsessed.

Bramble: We brought him up from Tennessee to find him a new home and somehow he never left. Athletic, sharp, the perfect bed dog.

Kim said...

Ohhhhh I think you need to do Dumb Dora Dashasaurus!

You know where to find pics!

And he is the BIGGEST goon I have ever known. And he is very famous for his gyrocopter tail on the down and back when he baits fors the judge. And he Barks. A LOT!

Janet said...

OK - I overheard a conversation about this in Maryland this weekend - so I throw my dogs into the mix!!

Bunches of pics of Spencer and Scout at

Spencer is the ultimate playdog, never met a stranger, knows how to work everyone he comes in contact with, whether its to get a treat or a belly rub. Way too smart for his own good and a total mama's boy.

Scout is a true red bitch - sweet and spicy. Looks all pretty and sweet, but is one tough cookie. Loves to play hard, and rules with an iron paw.

Shep said...

Lol - all the way in Maryland - wow, I honestly am utterly amazed that this got mentioned...

Thank you so much, guys, wow...

Aw, Joanna, it's awfully nice of you to say, but I promise, I wouldn't feel right charging for these little doodles. <3 Maybe someday - right now, I'm really trying to get a feel for the program, and each one of these allows me to get a little better and faster with it.

(Hahaha about Clue's description, too! *boom* Wheeeeeee----!)

Really, I promise, it's you guys who are helping me out a ton - I have fun drawing these. It's amazing how different each Cardi is, ear and face and marking wise, isn't it?

You guys like the silly little scribbles, and if I have a Sunday deadline, it makes me get out there and scribble. :D Win-win!

(Trust me, it'll keep me sane shortly. Holiday retail makes me a sad Shep.)

Thanks, everyone - really, I do love seeing everyone's dogs and finding all these great blogs out there!

Gotcha all down, no worries! :D

Amy said...

Ohhhhh... I just found out you were doing this! If you still have any room I would love to have Beli (Pixels father) done but any one of the dogs would be appreciated! I have many more pics and can send anything you might need or my website has most of them on it I just love Pixels pic, I'm sure it is very fitting of her personality, just like her sister Fern!:-))

Aussiepaws said...

Ok, so I just have to have one of these too!! Only thing is I have Aussies!! Maybe a new challenge for you?? If you are up to it, I would love my dogs done. Have a look at my facebook page
Pick a dog, I have 5 to choose from :) I'll give you the low down on who's who:
Hudson - the handsome blue merle, would jump through fire for his mom, and never without a toy in his mouth!
Cree- the red merle princess, it's all about her, all life should revolve around her.
Hush - the blue merle sweet heart, lovey, lovey, lovey. But has that spark of badness, very driven!
Trad - the red tri trouble maker, always stirring the pot, always on top of someone wrestling, goof.
Batman - the black tri handsome quiet type, sneaky, determined... well kinda like Batman!

If you can't see my facebook pics, I'll send you some of the crew in our first snowfall of the year already!
Thanks so much!! You are amazing at what you do! I would sure like to compensate you somehow! I'll think of something.

Claire said...

Would love for you to do a picture of my Bobby. He is blue merle w/tan points. Smart, goofy, very vocal and wicked fast. Also thinks that he is a lapdog. Loves sheep and herding the cat. Don't have a blog, but will send pix to an email address, if you will provide. Thanks


Shep said...

Oh, sure! Sorry - I didn't even think about it.

My email's - Shepdog at gmail dot com! I know, so original, huh? But yeah, send your pictures along, I'll pop them into my files to work from! :D Thank you so much!

Shep said...

Haha, and yes, Aussies are fine. ;) What the heck, I'll give them a whirl! :D

Aussiepaws said...

Excellent!!! I'll actually send you a few pictures that fit them to a tee!