Sunday, October 18, 2009

Corgicatures #4 - Spencer

Like I said on the last post, I had time to do two different sketches this week since I was laid up with this viral goo that's managed to take over my chest and set up home there for the last week.

So I'd lying there watching TV and realize that a half an hour into something that I'd been scratching a Corgi belly this whole time, because there were dogs happily taking advantage of this to the full extent. It was like ninja belly-rubs, I'd just see one working his way down the sofa, lying on his back, feet in the air and squirming right under my fingers. Sneaky little buggers.

Also, while I was so sick I sat and read everyone else's dogblogs. I have to say, I love reading everyone else's blogs - just a ton of fun.

Spencer has the cutest darn ears. I love the little odd spots he's got to offset his charming little grin. (Also, just like my crew, he knows how to work the system and get himself a belly rub, doesn't he?)

(Yep, I'm still taking slots for these. Everyone who's replied so far, gotcha down, no worries!)


Janet said...

Oh how cool!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

You really captured him. Just lasty night when we got home from a long day away, the first thing he did when he came in the house was flip over and do that happy dog back scratching dance, just like the picture.

penni said...

Aww! These are great -- I've loved every one of them.

Taryn said...

Love it! Brother Wilson sends his compliments as well!

dreameyce said...

People call those ear spots "Angel kisses", and I think it's accurate. I love this sketch, he looks like a model, posed purposfully, with an expression that says "Oh you KNOW you want to rub my belly!"

Very, very, very Cardi! (As you know! haha)

Jules said...

This is a very cardi sketch. I see Bug frequently in this position! I also LOVE the "angel kiddes." Bug's littermate has them and I think they are so cool.

Jules said...

d'oh...I meant to say angel KISSES.

Janet said...

Shep -

I wanted to contact you by email but don't see one on your site. Pls drop me an email at liveswithcorgi at gmail. Thanks!

Claire said...

I left a comment on your 10/1 post (comment 27). If you drop an email to me at claireawardatgmail, I will send you some Bobby pix. Thanks so much. Claire and Bobby