Sunday, October 4, 2009

Corgicature #1 - "Pixel"

Hahahha, well, here we go, it's Sunday, according to the clock! This one was a blast - the one and only go-getter girl, Manymuddypaws' Pixel. I've always loved her since I first saw her on Flickr after getting Simon - she's just a beautiful, striking, and happy dog!

Tried a little different technique on the fur and the background on this one! :) I like the fur texture, hahaha. It was fun to do a fluffy! (Also, I don't envy the grooming after a good romp in the mud!)

Hope you like, A! :D (I also have her on a flat green background if you want me to send you a copy of that one.)

She's just adorable! Zoom! Thanks for letting me draw her!

If you'd like a little doodle of your own, go here! I'm still taking requests at this point!


Kate said...

ooo, you take commissions?

penni said...

Darling -- that's Pixel as I've come to know here from the blog. Great job.

CardiCorgiOwner said...

You are an amazing artist! From what I've seen of Pixel on her blog, you captured her perfectly!

dreameyce said...

She's soooo beauuuuuuuutiful, and lookie, you got her! Awesome job! WHEE!

Traci said...

awww, you did a great job with Pixel the pretty!! :) I can't wait to see each installment!!!

Dawn said...

I think you captured her so well! Lovely job! I cant wait to see your next one!

Shep said...

Hahaha, aw, thanks, guys!

She was a ton of fun to doodle.

Kate, nah, I don't, these are just fun scribbles and good to keep my art brain working! :)

But I'm happy to do a dog for you too, if you'd like one of these silly little scribbles with Cardis! :D There's a link in my post now to the one sort of informal sign up sheet, so to speak! :D

manymuddypaws said...

oh my dog. Shep I love it! It is very much who she is. What a great job you did!!! Thanks so much!