Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow days...

I have all these things to say, and it's just like -- so much going on, summing up! Busy as heck with work... my horse ended up hurting herself bad when we went to Canada for a dog show (Caleb got his first two Canadian points, awesome, and I showed him, and that was awesome... and of course it's possibly the worst photo of him ever. Not so awesome. ;) ) and after a whole lot of money to get that fixed...

Merlin passed away. His cancer spread from his foreleg to his hind leg... and he finally let me know it was time.

And of course, it snowed like heck here this week... and the wind came in and we lost power for 39 hours. ;) Which amazingly enough is exactly the degrees the house got down to. And my stove blew up, and the new stove came in damaged, but we've jury rigged our turkey and it's all better now. *grin*

But darn did I get some awesome snow pics. ;) And thus, freezing nearly into a lump was kind of worth it. ;)

Brain freeze...

Simon loves him some snow!

Pembrokes suffer snow quietly. With much disgust and resistance. ;)

Epic snow battle!

Oh, look, he's sitting still! Because he's frozen to the table, ahaha. ;)

Notice he has a sweater on? It was pitch dark, ice cold, and Caleb was like "sweater me plz" all the other Corgis were fine, not Caleb. He was so cold his teeth were chattering. Once he got a sweater, it was all good, poor little fellow.

Friday, November 5, 2010

We have gone past cute...

And into impossibly adorable. ;) Who seriously throws this face out to fend for itself? What is wrong with people? :(

Camodogged: Can you find the Corgi in this picture?

Awww -- haha, my sofa only has a Caleb on it right now! Matt has been moved over. ;)

I have no idea what the heck they are all doing in the bathtub. I heard something rattling around in there, walked in, saw this, walked out, snapped a cheap camera pic because I thought it was hilarious. I personally think they're discussing if my evil cat will fit down the drain. I wish them the best of luck. ;)

Sophie: The mighty sock killer. She has a thing for my socks. She growls at any cat who comes to see her kill, but plays tug o' war with Simon with the sock.