Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend photography...

I've decided I really enjoy taking photos of other people's dogs. It's more of a challenge than my own; I know how to shoot mine for their best sides, so to speak. I know how to adjust colors and backgrounds to make my dogs pop out and stand out. However, since the entire crew of Dune Cardigans and Aurigan was at my house for the Bremerton show, I'd been itching for a chance to practice my photography on someone else's dogs. You can see some of the pictures I took for Dune over on her blog. :) I love her dogs; they were so well behaved. Hunter was really a pleasure to work with - I think with a bit of practice he'd pick up modeling as one more career in his resume!

Of course, the highlight of my photographer's day was how much fun it is to photograph puppies. They don't sit still much. They don't have to look at you. But they do all these freaking adorable things and you hope you're fast enough to catch it on camera. I'll let Dayl over at Aurigan share most of them... this litter is gorgeous... but I have to share a few of my favorite shots of these beautiful pups. The photographer in me is thrilled with them.

One of the pups from Aurigan Cardigans... apparently Matt has good taste for girls. ;) Hey, I knew that. I also know he'd dump me for that pretty face in a heartbeat, sigh.

... Albany next weekend. If you see some crazy person ringside with a camera and a red-brindle dog, hahah, that's probably me and Caleb!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

11/52, 12/52, and a quick photo drive-by...

11/52, "No, you give it!"

Simon says: I want that toy, dad! I wanted it five minutes ago when you asked me and I still want it now!

12/52 "Easy as..."
Falling off a log. Or Simon locking my keys in the unlockable car for three hours. Apparently you can do it if you step on the right button and do a Corgi Voodoo dance! No worries it was raining. :/ He was quite comfortable and took a nap. I sat in the barn and shivered after I realized there was no way I was getting into the car until Matt came to rescue me, hahah!

This is manic ball face. Manic ball face is somehow awesome when you catch it on film.

Caleb actually was with me at the Bremerton show this weekend. :) We got one point, going BOW on Saturday (Reserve on Sunday) and I was really pleased with him. He was much calmer, not a whirling, chatty, happy dervish. He really was happy and just going along, and I learned some really fabulous ideas for focusing him from some very nice people, and Dayl and I had a great time. I can say 14 Corgis in one house isn't as bad as three German Shepherds. (Gee, I still only have half a garbage can to scoop, hahahah!) Kim was wonderful as she always is, and so was Kate's mom, who did a wonderful job handling her girl out there! I really have to thank all the Cardi people up here... they've been so helpful.

Also: Caleb doing his best Zoolander impression. I cannot help but laugh at him, but man, it fits.

Monday, March 15, 2010

10/52 "Chivalry"

(Aw, I didn't skip a week, I swear. I just used the flower one that we worked so hard to take.)

In a previous life, I think Simon was a knight, protecting fair maidens and eyeing the sky for dragons.

I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite shots I've taken so far for the project. It just has everything -- the angle of the driftwood, the sky, the gaze... I like how it reminds me of a wood carving, and I like how he's watching everything around me as I sit on the log below him. Fearless protector. <3

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring makes us happy...

The boys, down on the beach.
No gurls allowed... hey, Caleb, come back to the fort!
Spring makes me happy. (And squinty, haha! ;) )

Daffodils do not taste of butter, what a jip.
Dog on a log!

Starting to rain...

Monday, March 1, 2010

8/52 -- Beds and Trick photography...

8/52 -- "Move over...?

Simon says, it's been a long day. Now go fetch me a biscuit.

It's funny -- Simon is a sharp little cookie. Like, scary sharp. He's been getting better and better at this, and yes, that top shot may not look staged, but trust me, it is. He really is getting this in leaps and bounds. Wait means, wait here where you've moved me until you tell me 'done.'

To explain in pictures...

Gosh, that tree's beautiful. The problem is, it's on a hill, and only part of it hangs into the dog run. And in front of it is my tent-garage, so that blocks most of it, plus the branches sit high. Now, I tried every way I could possibly think of to use the back deck to get the shot, no go.

... but ah ha! A flash bulb moment! Get Simon higher... how do we do that?

Like this. ;) And thus, this pose, produced the above shot. Three five minute sessions and he was on it - to the point where I just pointed to the can, he hopped up, and held his spot. By the third time he was an old pro at the pose, waiting until I put the camera down to lean over the edge and ask for his liver snack, haha. Smart dog. Scary smart dog. Not just in training, but in concepts.

*grins* It's like Disney magic, isn't it?

(Edit: Hee hee, had to put the smiling on the garbage can up instead, since everyone finds it hilarious. :D The light's not as good, but... that's okay!) ;)