Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What the heck, nature?

It's 102 here in Seattle. Okay, that may not seem really hot to a lot of you, but hey, we're Northwesterners. It never gets this hot in Seattle, ever, ever!

So, what did I do today? Let's see - put fans in every room for the cats. Have a fan near the AC in one room for the cats too. Fans and ice all over the house for the dogs, and a sprinkler for the horses.

Oh, and I went out and bought the Corgis a pool. I don't have a pool! Sigh, priorities... but aw, Simon was totally thrilled. His expression says it all...

Then, Simon had a blast playing with his toys in it.

That's okay though - every time they shook off I got soaked too. Was nice of them to share.

Of course, what's a sopping wet Corgi without rolling and rolling? Caleb just thought he was nuts. First for going in the pool without checking to see if there was the Puget Sound Ness Monster in it. Then for the fact that Simon was acting like a total doof and yowling in delight.

Of course, everyone's all stretched out in front of the fan right now. It's not helping. Ugh... but hey, at least the moving air smells of damp Corgi! Good times, good times!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

90 degrees, whew...

Okay, I can honestly say it's miserably hot...

Unless you're Caleb. He's parked himself right in the best spot.

My breeze smells like dog. ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's even too hot for ball...

(Okay, according to Simon, it's never too hot for ball.)

It's like in the high eighties here today, whoo. Seattle is not supposed to get this hot, so the crew and I for the most part have been inside for the past week and flopped in front of the fan and the AC.

Of course, that leads to stir-crazy Cardis who start playing shuffleboard with random objects they find in the living room. ;) So, we went out and had a quick play/photo session and wiped them totally out, the little goobers.

Okay, it wiped me out too. Crud, it's hot. I was about ready to fight them to see which one of us got to go sit in the fish pond. *grin*

Simon got a new jolly ball. It's taken him a bit to figure how to pick it up, so it allowed us all to point and laugh at him while he yelled at it for not cooperating.

(Caleb said to put down the darn camera. He was done already. BARK!)

Hmm, this IS a big ball!

Manic ball face. All mine! It's the One True Ball!

Stretch limo or Caleb, you all decide... (wish I hadn't cut off the end of his nose, but hey, that's how it goes with Mister Wiggles.)

Someone knows he's hot stuff. Brat.

"No, pike off, you little striped heathen! Balls are not for the likes of you!"

(And at the end of a hot day, it's good to finally find a use for your brother.) ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why is it that the dogs are all sad-faced over a bath, but put them outside, and they're immediately sloshing aross the fish pond....

I think I'm going to give up and just move the fish to the main pond out front and clean out the whole thing and just add shampoo every afternoon. It might work out better! ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just don't think Caleb is ever going to grow into it. It's the longest tail I've ever seen. It's so long that my customers comment, "Wow, that dog has a really long tail!"

I just nod and say he found all the pieces of tail that the Pembrokes lost.

(See, Riley's got tail envy. Sure, that's it. Tail envy.)

(Also, Riley is down to thirty pounds. This is a huge thing, I'm so proud of him. I think he really needs to be about 25, but down from 42, wow.)

Also, if anyone's looking for large softsided crates, let me know. I got a really awesome deal on them (a distributor was closing them out) and I'll totally let them go for 99.00 to internet friend dog people. They normally retail from 129.99 to 179.99 most places. No tax, and I'll ship Fed-Ex ground for cost (be about 12-13 dollars in the lower fifty. They do have some Corgi sized ones, but they're a different company, so let me see the quality first before offering those too. I bought one for Caleb, because he still likes sleeping in a crate in the bedroom at times (when he's not on the bed, the little rotter) and they're great for going over to people's houses with.)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rest stop!

Of course, this only lasted a few minutes before they raided the toy basket and had toys all over the floor again... ;)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dirty, dirty dog...

So, we got a brand new carpet in the living room.

I also own a neurotic cat. Dusty immediately came and checked it out, delighted in the new-carpet, non dog smell. Of course, then Simon came in and flopped down with his toy, and everything was all fine...

Ah, yes, we are nearly the same colors, are we not? I shall allow you to sit with me and enjoy the new carpet smell as well.

Hmm, I have changed my mind. You are a feeelthy dog, and you need to be washed clean before you continue to sleep on this carpet.

Dusty: Unclean, unclean! Simon: ... is this bad touching?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth!

It's funny - since I live in firework ground zero, the dogs honestly don't care. This was a hilarious thing when we took a test with my Shepherds years ago - you could blast off a gun next to their ears and they merely yawned with a ho hum. Same with the Corgis - they lit up the sky last night, and they just rolled over and continued to snore.

So, here's the Wubba Warrior...

And his pal, Peace Pup.

I should have flipped bandanas but darn, Simon looks great in Camo! *grin*