Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's even too hot for ball...

(Okay, according to Simon, it's never too hot for ball.)

It's like in the high eighties here today, whoo. Seattle is not supposed to get this hot, so the crew and I for the most part have been inside for the past week and flopped in front of the fan and the AC.

Of course, that leads to stir-crazy Cardis who start playing shuffleboard with random objects they find in the living room. ;) So, we went out and had a quick play/photo session and wiped them totally out, the little goobers.

Okay, it wiped me out too. Crud, it's hot. I was about ready to fight them to see which one of us got to go sit in the fish pond. *grin*

Simon got a new jolly ball. It's taken him a bit to figure how to pick it up, so it allowed us all to point and laugh at him while he yelled at it for not cooperating.

(Caleb said to put down the darn camera. He was done already. BARK!)

Hmm, this IS a big ball!

Manic ball face. All mine! It's the One True Ball!

Stretch limo or Caleb, you all decide... (wish I hadn't cut off the end of his nose, but hey, that's how it goes with Mister Wiggles.)

Someone knows he's hot stuff. Brat.

"No, pike off, you little striped heathen! Balls are not for the likes of you!"

(And at the end of a hot day, it's good to finally find a use for your brother.) ;)


Traci said...

TOO Cute!!!! I would pay for it to be in the high 80's right now, just FYI ;-) But then, I live on the face of the sun.... :)

Dune Cardigans said...

Hey! Are you going to bring any of the boys to the Shelton show by any chance? I would LOVE to see you again!

Laurie A.E. said...

Eeesh, I'm going to be visiting Seattle in less than two weeks from the East Coast. I don't expect it to be hot like that, it never was when I lived there in the 90's!

I'd love it if you'd share Shep (and friends?) with The Daily Corgi. Some of those playing photos are awesome.

Corgis Semper Fi!

Laurie Eno

Shep said...

Oh man, Traci, I bet it's miserable there too! Hey, us Seattleites are wusses. We're standing here going, "What is this bright ball and why does it burn us so!" *pant pant pant*

I so, so want to go to the Shelton show. Argh, right now my time has turned into hell in a handbasket because of work - I have GOT to get these guys in the ring. I'm thinking I'm back to Shepherd days, where hiring a handler is the way to go. I just know my time's all of a sudden not getting better, it's getting worse.

If we can make it, we'll go. I'd love to help support an entry, even to give the boys some practice - we have NO handling classes here close all of a sudden. Nearest one is an hour and a half from me, and at a time I'm not going to be able to get there from work. Heck, even if I don't show, maybe I'll just tag the boys along or go simply to say hi! <3 I'd love to see you guys again too! I talk up Hunter's sheep herding every time we talk about Cardis - haha. <3 Love him! :D

Hahah, Laurie - bring your fan! It's absolutely miserable. I'm a West Coaster born and bred and man, I never remember a year like this. :( My husband is in NC on a work trip and it's cooler there right now.

Aw, thank you so much for the kind words - I will totally share them! (and me, haha. The Corgis are far cooler, though!) :D Let me get my flickr account up and paid for and I'll toss you that link and write up a little blurb for you - there's a whole lot more photos there!

Again, thank you! Love your blog, it's great fun! :D