Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What the heck, nature?

It's 102 here in Seattle. Okay, that may not seem really hot to a lot of you, but hey, we're Northwesterners. It never gets this hot in Seattle, ever, ever!

So, what did I do today? Let's see - put fans in every room for the cats. Have a fan near the AC in one room for the cats too. Fans and ice all over the house for the dogs, and a sprinkler for the horses.

Oh, and I went out and bought the Corgis a pool. I don't have a pool! Sigh, priorities... but aw, Simon was totally thrilled. His expression says it all...

Then, Simon had a blast playing with his toys in it.

That's okay though - every time they shook off I got soaked too. Was nice of them to share.

Of course, what's a sopping wet Corgi without rolling and rolling? Caleb just thought he was nuts. First for going in the pool without checking to see if there was the Puget Sound Ness Monster in it. Then for the fact that Simon was acting like a total doof and yowling in delight.

Of course, everyone's all stretched out in front of the fan right now. It's not helping. Ugh... but hey, at least the moving air smells of damp Corgi! Good times, good times!


Traci said...

I heard about the Phoenix like weather in Seattle these last few days.... I'm so so sorry you're having to deal with that... My A/C was turned when it was about 85 degrees outside, and it's been on (set at 80) since. :) Hope it cools down soon for you guys!! The dogs have the right idea tho! :)

Dune Cardigans said...

I do feel for you! It might get over 100 here, but we dont have the humidity. Corgi pools are awesome! And I think Simon agrees! Nothing like a happy, drenched, odorific, dog...