Saturday, August 1, 2009

The critters are always a grand liftup after a rough day at work. I needed some Corgi therapy, so after I got home, I filled up the pool again and booted the crew out to play for a while.

Throw it for me, throw it again!

Almost caught it on the bounce!


Giant water bowl. *laplap*

Dear dad. You're wet, sir!

Caleb's just not sure he wants to come out of the water.

Wet dawg. Classy one, but still wet! He's looking different every day...


dreameyce said...

OMG! Look! Caleb has a NOSE!!! ;0P

He's looking so handsome right now. QUICK, get him in the ring today! heehee

I need to get my crew a jolly ball, I know they love them, I've just not bought one yet!

Shep said...

Hahhah! He does, he has a nose!

... he's usually got it into everything, the little rotter.

I know! I need to scoop him up right now and get him into the ring! And... by the time I get there, he'll like shoot up every which way again and look ugly as sin. XD

But he's really looking good. I eye those shots and I can't believe he's mine. :) Either of them, honestly.

Hahah, mine love the Jolly Ball! :D Except Simon punched holes all in it and once in the water it pours water everywhere when he throws it in your lap to throw it for him.