Thursday, August 6, 2009

Piper place...

It's funny - Piper's the most in your face dog I've ever owned. Literally. It's one of those things that drives me nuts about her in a way; give her a little affection and she has to take it as high as possible. She would lick your hand, arm, leg, whatever she can reach into a puddle if she was allowed. I admit, I am really not a dog constantly licking me person. I don't mind Simon hopping up and giving me a quick kiss, or Caleb doing it, and when Riley does it, I'm sort of honored, in a way. He does not hand out affection like that lightly - I don't think he's ever licked anyone else but me. But all three of the boys don't do it as repetitive behavior.

I know a lot of her behavior is because her first five months were spent... well, literally in a crate, due to her owner's sudden lifestyle change and a not-very up front petsitter. Training her to housebreak was tough - she'd leap up suddenly and go on the beds and sofa, but never go on the floor. It took me a few frustrating weeks to figure out it was because she'd used the beds in her crate, ugh, and any place soft was fair game. At times I'm just thrilled she knows her own name, I'm afraid.

However, she's genuinely a good little happy soul. Not a mean bone in her (I think it got licked out.) Likes children like no tomorrow, and this is a dog who shook and cowered when she saw them for the first few weeks. It was funny watching her come around and realize that little girls had laps and cuddles and would pick her up, and Piper was like, "Yes, yes, dress me in little coats and squish me I love love love love love -- what was I saying? Oh yes, love!"

However, she hates cameras. She really does not like them pointed at her. Usually her ears squish flat and she slinks off. I've learned with her if I want a decent shot, her mind better be somewhere else. So this little snapshot of her makes me laugh - it's pretty much what she's doing all the time. Happy as could be, in her own little Piper Place.

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