Monday, August 10, 2009

A whole other Corgi!

Yep, two entries in a day, but this one deserved one on its own.

Riley is down to 29.5 lbs, as of Saturday! I honestly didn't realize how much he's lost until I realized people weren't coming in the shop insulting the poor dog. It got to the point where my employees would basically tell people to shut the heck up nicely about it.

I feel bad, because it was honestly not his fault - the vet and I were baffled for years, to the point where we were going to put him on drugs for this. We drew blood, expected there to be a thyroid issue - he naturally has a low temp, a low heartrate, low everything, and then tested him for all sorts of lovely things. (900 dollars later, vet said, "well, he's zen, that's for sure.") People would sniff at me to walk the poor dog and feed him less and I'd point out we went three miles every other day, and he ate a 1/4 cup of light dog food daily with green beans, and that was it. Sigh.

Finally, I've found the diet that works for him. Thirteen pounds off, five to go!

Haha, the only thing that now I laugh about is that funky little tail. It's the worst dock job ever, and now you can see it... ;) I'm okay with that.


manymuddypaws said...

he looks awesome!!!!

Sherry said...

What's the diet that got him to lose all that weight?? Our Sadie is having issues and she's getting indignant with her tiny portions (though she loves the green beans!)

Shep said...

Oh! Sorry, Sherry -

He's on Sojo's dog food (I don't use raw meat, I cook it, though - the problem with him on raw is that he kept getting incredibly ill and having bacterial bloom issues.) Every few days I make sure he gets a quarter cup of good quality kibble (and I supplement with a dog vitamin.) but other than that, I keep him on the Sojos.

(He still likes green beans too, but this really worked for him. One of my Shepherd people was having similar issues with one of hers, and this worked for him. Last ditch try - but man, it worked!)