Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Honesty in doodles - Part two, Caleb boogaloo...

*grins* Since I had one of Simon, had to scribble Caleb too!

Really, he's an angel. In his MIND. ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I miss the Moose.

Well, a whole bunch of circumstances yesterday helping to try and find a lost Cardi (who happily WAS found and now is at home, safe and snuggled, hooray!)

I just... wow, it's just hit me again, how much I miss my Gabriel. First time I've been out searching without him in six years now. I remember turning to Melisa as we walked Simon and Scout up into the worst areas and saying, "I just wish to heck I had Gabe right now."

And she said, "Yeah, I know."

But, on a lighter note... let me tell you, around here, it's never a grand thing to knock on the house door, talk to a fellow, and have him tell you there's a momma bear and two cubs on those backtrails that have no apparent fear of people, and he'd just spotted them on his lawn again this morning. And of course, they love to throw in the "If you get between her and those cubs she'll rip you apart!"

Yep, gotcha, thank you! Don't tick off fall-feeding momma bears.*

Of course, us without my bear bells that I ride with and walk the dogs at the barn with. we talked, whistled, and let the dogs bark every quarter mile when we were deep back there.

However, Kayla the Cardi is safe and sound, picked up on the bridge later this evening. That's the best ending, right there for her owner, all the people that love her, and Kayla. :) So many people chipped in so much time on this and put so much effort into helping, and her owner was so, so fantastic about getting the word out there and getting the fliers up - it was heartening to see how close knit the Corgi folks are.

*Note: This is wisdom to live by, right there. Personally, I'm less worried about the crabby bears then I am the scary road, bridge, and the speeding drivers, thanks!

(Yes, yes, the picture doesn't have much to do with the entry, I know. But I'll just point out that see how dirty his tongue was? Multiply that and you'll get how filthy he was in the car on the way home. (Yay, mud and decaying leaf litter, my favorite!)

Simon was tired last night, since he walked all that with me. I think the funniest part of the day was Melisa taking the car to stick fliers one way and me walking the other. When we finally met up a mile or so later, she rolled down the window, and Simon was like, "oh, yay, the car's here!" standing up on his hind legs and bouncing up and down. When we struck the next game plan and she drove off again, the look of shock on his face was almost comical. Okay, it was downright hilarious. ;)

"But... but mom! The car - she, uh, mom! The car, she's stealing our CAR! Crud."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Honesty in doodles...

Whew - I actually had some time to sit and sketch today a little.

Playing with SAI today some more, and one of my dear friends pointed out I never draw my own dogs! *gasp, so true!* So, without much ado, Simon! Sketchy, sketchy, about 20-30 minutes of just going fast and playing with color! So fun! So silly, oh well. Hey, it's art, at least. *grin*

(See, I know where I stand with Simon... If he had to rescue his tennis ball or me from a fire, I better be able to get out the window.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Green grass + warm sun = good times.

Happiness is simple, if you're a Corgi. ;)

(Hahah, and as always Simon has his Wubba in the background, go figure.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life really is like...

I'm sure all of you here remember all those great 70's shows for kids. You know, the kind where they tried to cram in all this learning in an hour. At the end, you could count to five in another language and annoy your parents in the car on long trips by putting together the same words over and over again for the entire time. "P- ET. Pet! D- OG. Dog! C-AT! Cat!"

I admit totally that I don't think I was an entirely normal child - to this day one of the nightmares I really, truly have never forgotten was related to Sesame Street.

Someone else here has to recall the short where the spooky number 12 that came out of the sand, created itself with rocks, and was sucked back into the desert wastes. What was up with that, seriously? I mean, think about it? It was downright creepy.

Darnit, let me tell you, when it comes out of the ground in a five year old's nightmare, said five year old leaps out of bed, runs to the bathroom, and sleeps in the tub the rest of the night with her blanket and rather non-amused cat.

Apparently, the number 12 cannot rise from the wisping sands of evil if you're in a bathtub.

However, I did learn at least a few non-horrifying things from Public Television! Really!




Thus concludes our programming for the day! Brought to you by the letters C and S...

(But not that darn number 12. I hope it gets hit by a bus.)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Oh man, and I am so glad to be. You know, Vegas is one of those places that I don't mind going, but man, I get burned out after day four. Between the cigarette smoke and the noise, I get overloaded, I'm afraid. Country gal at heart, haha! We did however get to see some shows - which I love to go and see. Lion King was pretty and the costuming was downright amazing - Mystere was lovely and had some intense moments of sheer "wow" factor with acrobatics and physical feats. My favorite though, is KA - I have seen it twice now, and I'd go back and see it a third time.

We had awesome seats for all three shows, though! I mean, we were close enough to literally touch the players in Mystere! Didn't gamble much - we bought a bunch of things though. I'm always blown away that it's fourteen dollars for two cups of Starbucks there - it hurts my soul, haha!

Lots of great new products at the show - but down from previous years, which tells me that people are still nervously feeling the fallout from the economy, etc.

Did find a few things I loved and brought in - a wonderful series of all natural/recycled toys developed by an Australian gentleman. He gave us a rugby ball to take home, and the dogs love this thing. It's buffalo leather and Simon is totally enthralled with it. A device that you put on your cat's collar so you can find him in the house - or if he gets outside by accident.

A bunch of new T-shirts. This one just utterly cracked me up...

Bought some gorgeous cards and artwork by Paper Russels. I absolutely loved her art. Loved it.

Also got to uh, give a Cardi vs Pem lecture. This one booth had these awesome metal noteboards with some little bone shaped magnets. They were terribly elegant, with old-style art. Well, she was showing them to us, asked us what kind of dog we had, we said, Corgis, and she was like, "Oh! I have a Cardi and a Pembroke design!!"

Er, nope, both Pems. Whoops! I felt sort of bad telling her this, because she was convinced that the red dog was the Cardigan - that Pems didn't come in red. I admit, I whipped out the phone and showed her my crew and she was totally like, "Oh, wow, they don't look at ALL alike!" So, she submitted to my horrible ten minute lecture but was gracious about it as all heck and thanked me for explaining the difference.

(I did buy the magnet board after the show, though. It's a lovely Pem!)

Oh, and yay for home - the housesitter did an awesome job! Everything was clean, taken care of, the dogs were happy, the cats were happy, my house was spotless. She even brought in all of our mail and took out the garbage without being reminded.

So, joy of joys, Caleb's win photo was there. He looks great in it! (And because I know I never want pictures of me posted on the net in all my glory without someone asking, haha, um, Yolanda and the judge are cut off! If you want the full pic, Yolanda, I'll send you a copy! Your blazer is gorgeous, btw. I love it!)

So, I just have to show Caleb off. First point photo, awwww. I'm so hanging it up at work next week! Man, though... what happened? My puppy grew up so fast! *sniff!* (I have to say his expression cracks me up. I don't know why he looks so smug, but man, he sure does, doesn't he. He's like, "Yeah, I know I'm hot stuff.")

Monday, September 14, 2009

Off to Superzoo!

(Yeah, some extra pictures from our Olympic trip, but it's all I've got this morning, I'm afraid!)

Off to the retailer's trade show in Vegas today, but I at least wanted to duck in and say thank you to Dayl of Aurigan Cardigans and Yolanda of Dune Cardigans for taking my two heathens, Simon and Caleb, out to Wenachee. They were so good to my boys, who apparently thought this was like camp Fun and hopped right up in her truck and rode off with a happy grin. I felt dumped for ladies with liverbait. ;) Also, there were pretty ladies in the car, which made Simon's decision pretty logical. I'd dump my mom for pretty ladies too!

They also beautifully dealt with two squirming puppies for the weekend and got Caleb his first point! Yay Liblet!

You know I have to laugh a little to myself. I think I'm still in that flabberghasted owner mode here. Mostly because I showed Shepherds, and ugh, my first dog, ten shows and a specialty before she got her first point. Totally different set of people, totally different set of dogs...

The Cardi people are awfully nice folks. So different. You'd never get a Shepherd person offering to handle your dog for you - in fact, you're lucky if you talk to each other at the show, seriously, and there's not a bunch of backsniping over the dog you have on the lead or just a cold snort, I'm afraid. Not everyone, but man, a lot of folks. I got used to it and just had fun with Ali, who didn't care what they sniped at her and was confident and had enough attitude for both of us.

So, just a huge thank you for them. I'm happiest that my dogs were treated well and taken care of. I worried, but apparently the dogs didn't care at all. Thanks a lot, boys, heh. I'll remember this when the apocalypse comes and it's down to eating Corgis. ;) Riley says that's just fine with him!

Also, the boys were so tuckered that Simon was flat on his side most of the night. Caleb was still his go getter self and while we were chatting, promptly ate my yogurt, my beef jerky, and my little thing of corn pudding, hahaha... Little rotter. Have to love him.

Friday, September 11, 2009

All clean!

Argh, the week's just going by so fast. I have so much to catch up on, so I'll just say HI to the new readers of this silly blog, and a thank you to the Daily Corgi for having my crew grace their pages! You can find the Daily Corgi on the right hand side! Click and get your pick me up for the day!

Right now, I should be asleep. Instead, I just finished laundry. Trying to get ready for Superzoo - the big pet trade show in Vegas. So much to do, so little time. Where has this year gone? Is it September, seriously?!

Spent three hours washing Corgis today. I have decided that I was some sort of glutton for punishment for owning dogs with white on them. When I showed Shepherds, it was dunk dog in tub, wash dog, and haha, brown dog covers those little imperfections.

A merle dog? Not so much!!! Poor Simon, he sat in the tub with shampoo on him for a while, and stared at me with the sad face. He's such a good boy to bathe - no fuss, no muss, he lies down and just gives in.

But since he was white for a moment - had to enjoy it. Actually, my really cool new glass pendant looks better on him, doesn't it? Sheesh, go figure!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Car ride!

Caleb says, "Hurry up guys, let's go!"

I'm going for a caaaaar ride! Goin' for a carrrrr ride!

Note: Passengers are requested to remain in their seats at all times. In the event of a water landing, tuck two Corgis under your arms like waterwings, and dog paddle to shore! ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

And now, for something completely different...

Went out to the barn to play with my horses today. I know it's not Corgis, but hey... wait for it... really. There's always a Corgi somewhere! *grin*

Blondie, in a mood!

Captain - he wasn't too thrilled about the rain. He's sort of the prissiest horse I've ever owned. On a high note, he's grey, so it means less brushing. On a low note, puddles and mud eat Arabians, and he wanted to go back into his stall instead of turnout.

Captain again, cantering by. The faster he gets this photo thing over with, the faster he can go inside. He's not dumb.

Blondie, on the other hand is having a great time.

Yep, even more of a great time!

Come on, old horse, let's run!

And then you have to take a breather....

However, Caleb went and hung out with me at the barn. He's a good guy, so he gets to go and run for a while.... (and look, a Carousel Corgi! See, it's like a pony. A very short, striped one.)