Thursday, September 3, 2009

And now, for something completely different...

Went out to the barn to play with my horses today. I know it's not Corgis, but hey... wait for it... really. There's always a Corgi somewhere! *grin*

Blondie, in a mood!

Captain - he wasn't too thrilled about the rain. He's sort of the prissiest horse I've ever owned. On a high note, he's grey, so it means less brushing. On a low note, puddles and mud eat Arabians, and he wanted to go back into his stall instead of turnout.

Captain again, cantering by. The faster he gets this photo thing over with, the faster he can go inside. He's not dumb.

Blondie, on the other hand is having a great time.

Yep, even more of a great time!

Come on, old horse, let's run!

And then you have to take a breather....

However, Caleb went and hung out with me at the barn. He's a good guy, so he gets to go and run for a while.... (and look, a Carousel Corgi! See, it's like a pony. A very short, striped one.)


Traci said...

What beautiful horses! I especially like the "breather" picture for some reason... :) And Caleb is ALWAYS a doll! :)

Taryn said...

Lucky you to have horses and corgis! That's a blessed life!

JulieandCaleb said...

Hi, Caleb and I found your blog after it was mentioned on the Daily Corgi! I'm fairly certain you're also on Mycorgi, right? I remember your herd of corgis, and specifically the most adorable brindle cardigan with the best name, ever!

Anyway, I love love love your pictures! I'm looking forward to following your adventures with your corgis and your horses!

-Julie and the Pembroke Caleb

Kim said...

Blondie is stunning! I may need to come by for some stall cleaning therapy.

manymuddypaws said...

awww, caleb is so cute!

captain and blondie are very beautiful!

Shep said...

Aw, thanks, guys -- they're great horses, and I'm happy to have them both. So different!

(Horses and Corgis and cats, haha! The cats are the easiest. ;) )

That was my favorite picture too, Traci!

Hey, hi! I remember you from MyCorgi too - haha, I always have to double look at adorable dogs named Caleb, and your Caleb is as adorable as mine...

(And probably better behaved. My Caleb's a little rotter! )

I'm so glad you found us, and added your blog back!

Kim - aw, thank you! I am really happy with her - she's matured out into a wonderful animal, and man, has she got a calm, willing, gentle temperment to match her pretty coat. Forgiving, forgiving horse, and both of these two are "lifers" with me.

Hahah, well, I've got stalls to muck, that's for sure! Honestly, it's funny, I admit, I love just standing there and grooming them, cleaning tack, mucking stalls. It's probably my favorite thing, barn chores - so mentally relaxing and rewarding. :D

You're welcome to come anytime! Blondie says bring baby carrots, those are her favorites. Captain prefers Granny Smith apples, cut in quarters, with salt on them. Oh, and hot apple cider with caramel from Starbucks. ;)

Hahha, Muddy - Caleb's a noodle, isn't he! XD