Monday, September 14, 2009

Off to Superzoo!

(Yeah, some extra pictures from our Olympic trip, but it's all I've got this morning, I'm afraid!)

Off to the retailer's trade show in Vegas today, but I at least wanted to duck in and say thank you to Dayl of Aurigan Cardigans and Yolanda of Dune Cardigans for taking my two heathens, Simon and Caleb, out to Wenachee. They were so good to my boys, who apparently thought this was like camp Fun and hopped right up in her truck and rode off with a happy grin. I felt dumped for ladies with liverbait. ;) Also, there were pretty ladies in the car, which made Simon's decision pretty logical. I'd dump my mom for pretty ladies too!

They also beautifully dealt with two squirming puppies for the weekend and got Caleb his first point! Yay Liblet!

You know I have to laugh a little to myself. I think I'm still in that flabberghasted owner mode here. Mostly because I showed Shepherds, and ugh, my first dog, ten shows and a specialty before she got her first point. Totally different set of people, totally different set of dogs...

The Cardi people are awfully nice folks. So different. You'd never get a Shepherd person offering to handle your dog for you - in fact, you're lucky if you talk to each other at the show, seriously, and there's not a bunch of backsniping over the dog you have on the lead or just a cold snort, I'm afraid. Not everyone, but man, a lot of folks. I got used to it and just had fun with Ali, who didn't care what they sniped at her and was confident and had enough attitude for both of us.

So, just a huge thank you for them. I'm happiest that my dogs were treated well and taken care of. I worried, but apparently the dogs didn't care at all. Thanks a lot, boys, heh. I'll remember this when the apocalypse comes and it's down to eating Corgis. ;) Riley says that's just fine with him!

Also, the boys were so tuckered that Simon was flat on his side most of the night. Caleb was still his go getter self and while we were chatting, promptly ate my yogurt, my beef jerky, and my little thing of corn pudding, hahaha... Little rotter. Have to love him.


penni said...

GSD conformation really is so different from Cardi conformation. Maybe it's because our dogs don't take themselves too seriously?

Congratulations of the first point -- many more to come!

Shep said...

*laughs* My female Shepherd never took herself seriously either. She was just an awesome dog - I lost a shoe in the ring once - stupid me, wearing flats that didn't quite fit...

So, we're scooting around the corner, and my shoe goes flipping past her. Without missing a beat, she snatches the shoe up and carries it around the ring, full tilt for me. Of course, what do you do? You keep going!

... to everyone just laughing and her grinning like a maniac and prancing through a mouthful of shoe. She did hand it nicely to me and self-stacked with a big old laugh. All that and a bag of chips, she was.

The judge said to me after we placed first and the class was over -- "And that's a working, thinking dog, brains match her body!"

... thus, our first point. ;)

I still laugh. Only Alison could pull that one off.

But yes, utterly different! And thank you so much!

dreameyce said...

HUGE congrats on the point! He's such a handsome bugger for sure!

A little girl I know, is VERY thrilled about her bag of stuffies, and has almost all the names memorized! A couple of the Beanies were doubles of ones she already had, so they're 'married'! haha She took them up to Grandmas this weekend, and shared them with her baby cousin. Very sweet, and cute :)

dreameyce said...

OH! And Galaxy sends a huge thanks for the new backpack, to replace Traum's old one.... she hates sharing with her brother ;)

Now, to get on a hike with, and use it so I can get pics! Thanks a ton :)

Dune Cardigans said...

Your boys were pretty much AWESOME! You never know how boys (for one), puppies (for two) with strangers (for three), at a dog show (for four) are going to act/respond. I was very impressed actually. They are obviously loved, taken care of, and have been socialized. Both boys stood like rocks on the table! Something my girls need to get better at. Caleb thought there was the MOST. AWESOME. TREATS. IN. THE. GRASS... it was kinda hard to keep his head up, but I just walked more in front of him with a treat in full view! Hahaha... tricky! I hope the picture comes out ok. I always think I look like an idiot. The judge was very complimentary.
Simon was quite commical - he barked at the judge/me when I didnt give him the treat fast enough on the down and back! We both laughed.
Seriously, I loved showing them for you. ;) Hope your trip is going well.