Saturday, September 19, 2009


Oh man, and I am so glad to be. You know, Vegas is one of those places that I don't mind going, but man, I get burned out after day four. Between the cigarette smoke and the noise, I get overloaded, I'm afraid. Country gal at heart, haha! We did however get to see some shows - which I love to go and see. Lion King was pretty and the costuming was downright amazing - Mystere was lovely and had some intense moments of sheer "wow" factor with acrobatics and physical feats. My favorite though, is KA - I have seen it twice now, and I'd go back and see it a third time.

We had awesome seats for all three shows, though! I mean, we were close enough to literally touch the players in Mystere! Didn't gamble much - we bought a bunch of things though. I'm always blown away that it's fourteen dollars for two cups of Starbucks there - it hurts my soul, haha!

Lots of great new products at the show - but down from previous years, which tells me that people are still nervously feeling the fallout from the economy, etc.

Did find a few things I loved and brought in - a wonderful series of all natural/recycled toys developed by an Australian gentleman. He gave us a rugby ball to take home, and the dogs love this thing. It's buffalo leather and Simon is totally enthralled with it. A device that you put on your cat's collar so you can find him in the house - or if he gets outside by accident.

A bunch of new T-shirts. This one just utterly cracked me up...

Bought some gorgeous cards and artwork by Paper Russels. I absolutely loved her art. Loved it.

Also got to uh, give a Cardi vs Pem lecture. This one booth had these awesome metal noteboards with some little bone shaped magnets. They were terribly elegant, with old-style art. Well, she was showing them to us, asked us what kind of dog we had, we said, Corgis, and she was like, "Oh! I have a Cardi and a Pembroke design!!"

Er, nope, both Pems. Whoops! I felt sort of bad telling her this, because she was convinced that the red dog was the Cardigan - that Pems didn't come in red. I admit, I whipped out the phone and showed her my crew and she was totally like, "Oh, wow, they don't look at ALL alike!" So, she submitted to my horrible ten minute lecture but was gracious about it as all heck and thanked me for explaining the difference.

(I did buy the magnet board after the show, though. It's a lovely Pem!)

Oh, and yay for home - the housesitter did an awesome job! Everything was clean, taken care of, the dogs were happy, the cats were happy, my house was spotless. She even brought in all of our mail and took out the garbage without being reminded.

So, joy of joys, Caleb's win photo was there. He looks great in it! (And because I know I never want pictures of me posted on the net in all my glory without someone asking, haha, um, Yolanda and the judge are cut off! If you want the full pic, Yolanda, I'll send you a copy! Your blazer is gorgeous, btw. I love it!)

So, I just have to show Caleb off. First point photo, awwww. I'm so hanging it up at work next week! Man, though... what happened? My puppy grew up so fast! *sniff!* (I have to say his expression cracks me up. I don't know why he looks so smug, but man, he sure does, doesn't he. He's like, "Yeah, I know I'm hot stuff.")


Traci said...

beautiful picture of the kid!!!!!! Well wishes for many more photos!!! :)

Vegas is only cool for a day or two for me... too much smoke, nudity and too many stupid people.. :)

JulieandCaleb said...

Hahaha, that's a great look on his face!

I'm with you, Vegas gets old fast.

Faceman said...

Congratulations! Love your animals...

Kim said...

Caleb's smilin' for the camera jusrt like he is supposed too!

Callie with the assist in typing the above!

Why do they have to lay across the laptop?

May have to borrow your pet sitter some day!

Dune Cardigans said...

WOW! Caleb looks GREAT! I never know if I get their feet in the right place, if they are pulling back, or posting etc... that is JUST FINE that I have the big chop across my chest! hehehe... but you could send the whole thing to my email ;)

Your petsitter sounds AMAZING... I would just like someone to come and do that once a week.

Love Vegas, but only for the weekend. Loved the last shows I went to as well (but havent seen the ones you saw) but it's a scary place!

Shep said...

Aw, thanks guys!

(Hi to the new reader, too! Hi Faceman!)

Yep, I think you summed it up, Traci. Nudity, smoke, and folks being dumb and lots of booze. ;)

He does look like he's smiling, doesn't he. Rather smugly - and my cats and Corgis lay across the laptop all the time. I try to tell myself it's to keep me from getting Carpal tunnel, since they love me.

Everyone wants to borrow the pet sitter. I'm impressed, and trust me, I'm a picky dog-cat-horse-pet mom. ;)

Annnnd, sent, Y! :D You did a beautiful job setting him up - I was like, wow, is that my puppy? It doesn't look like him at all - well, it does, but usually all I see is the close-up happy face at three AM telling me he's got to go outside. He's a LIAR.

Again, thank you, thank you so much, you and Dayl. It really made my week - also, hey, you and Dayl need to send me your addresses - I picked something up for you guys at the show! :D

What shows did you see when you were there? I think you're right, for the weekend, not so bad! After day five in a 50,000 sq ft trade show talking pet products, I'm burned, utterly burned.

Although, I toted around this big purple rolling box given to me by a friend at the "Urine Off" booth. XD Hhahhaa, you should have seen the looks from strangers.

"Urine Off, what's that?"

... it applied to some places in Vegas, that's for sure, ooch. ;)