Monday, February 22, 2010

6/52, 7/52, and other bits of photography...

Man, so behind. I blame work, and the fact that one of our cars broke down this week... and it wasn't my old Volvo for once, but my husband's 06 Vibe as he was backing out of a parking space at the market. However, that did finally drive the nail into the whole "We need two trustworthy cars" point. So car shopping.

I think most car salesmen need to be sent out to sell cars to llamas or something, ugh. Mean llamas. With semi-automatic spit weapons.

I think we may have decided on one -- the Nissan Murano. But hey, going back to take one last look. It does have lots of Corgi room, though! ;)

6/52 - Hahha, in recognition of Valentine's day... Simon went to send a box to manymuddypaws' Pixel. XD I had a blast with this shot - he was so good and so fun. We have the running laugh that Pixel would love Simon, and Simon of course, would love Pixel. XD I'm sure he would - he loves girls who tussle with him. Heck, he loves all girls. He'll just lay there why they beat him up, hahah, and sit on him. ;)

What was so cute is that Pixel sent one back. Go to manymuddypaws' blog and see! ;) So darn adorable!

7/52 "Looking back."

Without getting into a huge block of text -- it's been a year since the loss of my Gabriel. Simon and I still miss him. He looks at Shepherds and wags and hopes, I can tell... he always has at the shop and on the street. It's something that makes me smile -- and he's become such a neat, awesome dog - I'm lucky to share my life with him. :)

And of course... all the rest. Caleb also is sleeping beside me in the bed as I type this. He's taken to lying on the other set of pillows upside down with his feet in the air... sometimes I look over and I really wish I hadn't, thanks, buddy! ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rain, rain, go away...

Simon and I would both like to go outside and play...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wishful thinking...

We can always hope, huh Caleb?

He's been focused and watching Westminster all night. He LOVES tv -- he watches football and sports too, and some movies -- but he's been stacked on the floor off and on all night, prancing around, sitting and staring. :D I wish he'd stack half that good in the ring!

Monday, February 8, 2010

5/52 "I do my thing in action!"

Apologies to Schoolhouse Rock. I swear, that was probably the best teaching aid ever to come out of the seventies, hahaha. I can't remember my passwords half the time, but darn if I can't remember "Verb, that's what's happening!" and every other blasted tune. It's hilarious -- you'll start humming it and then everyone else around you starts up with the one they remember most. "Conjunction Junction, Mr. Morton, I'm Just A Bill..."

But yes, Verb, that's what's happening. To run, to bark, to laugh, to fly...

Thus I shall also give the status of Simon's toe! Vet was out this week and it's healing great. My fears were unfounded, thank goodness, the reason he was still a bit gimpy is that he had a wear spot from the tape that I thought was healed, but it was also between those nice soft little toes. Poor guy, but now we're just to taping the foot so that he doesn't accidentally catch it, and he's cleared for light exercise on the flat and on the grass. Which is good, because I'm about ready to go crazy and so was he. I took him up to the barn this week with me while I had my lesson and let him go for ten minutes on the backtrail -- mostly forgiving ground (aka mud and spongy duff, ugh.)

There's a short little distance on the gravel and that's where this was shot -- he was sniffing a really good sniff and realized I'd gone a little ahead of him. It looks faster than it was, hahah, he was just loping along. Amazing how out of shape he is in a short time, ugh. But that's fine, it meant he wasn't screaming along like a madman. :)

As for Caleb? Well, he didn't get to go with us because the two of them turn into roaring heathens when they're out there together.

So instead he got to romp around the backyard for a bit with the other crew. I love this shot, if for the grass and the cloud of steam coming out of his mouth.

Simon, on the other hand, tried to convince Matt that he should stop cleaning the house. His hints aren't subtle, that's for sure.