Monday, February 22, 2010

6/52, 7/52, and other bits of photography...

Man, so behind. I blame work, and the fact that one of our cars broke down this week... and it wasn't my old Volvo for once, but my husband's 06 Vibe as he was backing out of a parking space at the market. However, that did finally drive the nail into the whole "We need two trustworthy cars" point. So car shopping.

I think most car salesmen need to be sent out to sell cars to llamas or something, ugh. Mean llamas. With semi-automatic spit weapons.

I think we may have decided on one -- the Nissan Murano. But hey, going back to take one last look. It does have lots of Corgi room, though! ;)

6/52 - Hahha, in recognition of Valentine's day... Simon went to send a box to manymuddypaws' Pixel. XD I had a blast with this shot - he was so good and so fun. We have the running laugh that Pixel would love Simon, and Simon of course, would love Pixel. XD I'm sure he would - he loves girls who tussle with him. Heck, he loves all girls. He'll just lay there why they beat him up, hahah, and sit on him. ;)

What was so cute is that Pixel sent one back. Go to manymuddypaws' blog and see! ;) So darn adorable!

7/52 "Looking back."

Without getting into a huge block of text -- it's been a year since the loss of my Gabriel. Simon and I still miss him. He looks at Shepherds and wags and hopes, I can tell... he always has at the shop and on the street. It's something that makes me smile -- and he's become such a neat, awesome dog - I'm lucky to share my life with him. :)

And of course... all the rest. Caleb also is sleeping beside me in the bed as I type this. He's taken to lying on the other set of pillows upside down with his feet in the air... sometimes I look over and I really wish I hadn't, thanks, buddy! ;)


Joanna said...

My sister and her husband (and two dogs) have a Murano and it is loooovely. Tons of room, beautiful ride. I am always jealous when I am in it!

Taryn said...

Love the shot in the blue wheelbarrow!

Kim said...

Casper loves the wheelbarrow too! Now, if he could learn to pull weeds!