Monday, April 25, 2011

The Stages of Fetch

Simon's a pretty awesome fetcher. Of course, we had to run and fetch the ball twice before it got swept out to sea, whoops! ;)

Thanks so much to a friend of mine who worked with me on this - I've never done anything like this before, and I think it came out pretty cool!!! :D They're an amazing artist who is working on a gorgeous graphic novel. I know a bunch of us are kinda fantasy geeks here -- Cardigans and geek just seem to go together, haha, so... I'm going to link the page! The Winterkings. Enjoy!

I had no idea how to put it together, and I learned a lot about Photoshop! Heh. I can do photos, but man, forget that layers and moving thing, yipes. ;)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sometimes it's the photodographer...

Who gets caught totally enjoying the day with awesome friends, adorable puppies, and gorgeous sunshine. (I also can make the joke I'm the token brindle out in the sea of blue.)I actually love this shot of me for some funny reason - you know I'm in the grass and probably have puppy poop somewhere embarrasing, but hey, I'm good with that!

Photo courtesy of Mark Thorson --

I had a great time - but I always do, talking dog with Nancy and Kim and Mark. It's funny... I had all these years in Shepherds where I wasn't part of the cool kids, but Cardigan people ARE the cool kids, and I... I just enjoy a community where we worry about each other. Where we know each other. Where we know our dogs by their call names and love other people's dogs and admire them as much as our own. Where the dogs are delighted to see you and know you and crawl into your lap.

I think I should be paying all these people out there with puppies to photograph their puppies; it teaches me so much about lighting and framing... :) I LOVE photographing puppies, it's such a neat thing to watch them, you have to work fast and you have to work quick, and you try to get those shots that are downright adorable. You can see the shots that I took on their blog Samhain Cardigans

Also, hahah, I love the little face staring at me from over her brother. "Hey, crazy lady down on our level, get my best side!!!"

Without these little short dogs, I wouldn't have gotten into photography so much, and I LOVE it. It's a hobby that I can relax at, and I love taking the dogs out for photo sessions... it lets me spend so much time with my crew that's fun for all of us.

Man, Simon's just a muscle-bound critter. Not the best pics, but holy moly does he gets some serious air.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Down at the beach...

Caleb and I went to Point No Point today for a photoshoot (and just chat) with Nancy, from Galena Cardigans and the lovely gentleman Nugget.

So, of course... gotta show the photos! ;)

One thing I love about Cardigans -- here's two young adult males and... hahah, totally cool with the whole thing. Not a grumble- well, not a serious one. Happy as could be, romping down the beach together, sniffing at things. There's a whole bunch of the pictures of Nugget over at Nancy's blog, so... I'll just toss up the ones I took of Libbers. Honestly, I LOVE shooting other people's dogs -- I admit, I get lazy since I know all the settings for my own, haha. ;) This was great fun and good practice and Nugget is SO well behaved, it was great. :D

Handsome boys! :D

... and soaking wet boys.

Caleb, the wet and dirty...

Hey, I see another dog!

Now I see... a bird!

And another bird!

And... another bird! (there's a pattern here.)

The end! (You can't catch me to put me back on those logs, wheeeee!) ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cats and dogs, living together...

Today is let's see if I can shock anyone on the blog here, haha.

See, I have this deep, dark secret. I hide it. I really do. But...

I'm a cat person. There. I said it out loud. I'm probably going to be voted off Cardi Island. ;)

Really. I- I love cats. In fact, I am more of a cat person than a dog person, hahahaha. I've been showing cats and into cats since I was a four year old kid, and growing up, I totally liked dogs (and my dad paid me five bucks to wash and groom his OES - full show coat. I realize later in life how much you jipped me, dad, but dang, I think grooming corgis are a snap!) I've trained a lot of dogs, worked with dogs since college, and yet... a cat never fails to melt me.

So, here's a little cat story for the day.

Parker is one of our Korats. Born and bred in our house, he's sure not a show cat. In fact, he's uh, rather um, p-e-t quality, I'm afraid. He's never been a cuddly guy either with people. Which is just his personality, and has been since day one. All the other kittens were people, people, oh boy people. Not Parker. He'll sit on my lap, and a few select folks, but... nope.

However, he's been in love with dogs since he was a kitten. His first cross-species love was my fantastic, wonderful German Shepherd Ali. He slept with her, ate with her, slept on top of her, loved her, and she adored him back with all of her heart. What always made me laugh is whenever I picked him up to cuddle him for a second, he always smelled of - well, of dog.

.... and then she died, and he was very, very lonely.

So, then he figured, what the heck, and moved in with my big male Shepherd, Gabriel. And then he died, suddenly.

Now we had no dogs that would tolerate a cat sleeping with them. The Pembrokes just didn't get it and would stomp away and roll an eye. How dare a cat try that, so rude!

Poor Parker. He tried sleeping with the other cats, but... it just wasn't the same. And then his favorite cat passed away of a blood clot, totally unexpectedly. So, like all sad boys, he moved back in with his mom, I guess. Then sadly, his mom died two weeks ago of heart failure, and... poor Parker was once again very lonely.

And then... he started sneaking over by the Cardigans; and oh, hey! Cardigans LOVE cats, unlike those bossy Pems. So, once again, he's happy, and this made me smile to see him cuddled up next to his favorite thing in the world - dogs.

So, hey, I have the best of both worlds. Cats that are dog people! ;)

Simon, of course, knows how to cuddle with cats.

Caleb, on the other hand, kinda doesn't have it down yet. ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photodump #4

Zoom zoom Caleb!
The D-Cat, he is lounging. Dusty is juuust that cool.
Sophie's in her Sofa-fort...


HEY! That's actually ME you're biting, you brindle doofus!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Corgi hurdles, 101! ;)