Friday, April 15, 2011

Cats and dogs, living together...

Today is let's see if I can shock anyone on the blog here, haha.

See, I have this deep, dark secret. I hide it. I really do. But...

I'm a cat person. There. I said it out loud. I'm probably going to be voted off Cardi Island. ;)

Really. I- I love cats. In fact, I am more of a cat person than a dog person, hahahaha. I've been showing cats and into cats since I was a four year old kid, and growing up, I totally liked dogs (and my dad paid me five bucks to wash and groom his OES - full show coat. I realize later in life how much you jipped me, dad, but dang, I think grooming corgis are a snap!) I've trained a lot of dogs, worked with dogs since college, and yet... a cat never fails to melt me.

So, here's a little cat story for the day.

Parker is one of our Korats. Born and bred in our house, he's sure not a show cat. In fact, he's uh, rather um, p-e-t quality, I'm afraid. He's never been a cuddly guy either with people. Which is just his personality, and has been since day one. All the other kittens were people, people, oh boy people. Not Parker. He'll sit on my lap, and a few select folks, but... nope.

However, he's been in love with dogs since he was a kitten. His first cross-species love was my fantastic, wonderful German Shepherd Ali. He slept with her, ate with her, slept on top of her, loved her, and she adored him back with all of her heart. What always made me laugh is whenever I picked him up to cuddle him for a second, he always smelled of - well, of dog.

.... and then she died, and he was very, very lonely.

So, then he figured, what the heck, and moved in with my big male Shepherd, Gabriel. And then he died, suddenly.

Now we had no dogs that would tolerate a cat sleeping with them. The Pembrokes just didn't get it and would stomp away and roll an eye. How dare a cat try that, so rude!

Poor Parker. He tried sleeping with the other cats, but... it just wasn't the same. And then his favorite cat passed away of a blood clot, totally unexpectedly. So, like all sad boys, he moved back in with his mom, I guess. Then sadly, his mom died two weeks ago of heart failure, and... poor Parker was once again very lonely.

And then... he started sneaking over by the Cardigans; and oh, hey! Cardigans LOVE cats, unlike those bossy Pems. So, once again, he's happy, and this made me smile to see him cuddled up next to his favorite thing in the world - dogs.

So, hey, I have the best of both worlds. Cats that are dog people! ;)

Simon, of course, knows how to cuddle with cats.

Caleb, on the other hand, kinda doesn't have it down yet. ;)


Builder Mama said...

That's it! You're off the island!

Just kidding. I actually adore cats, but I am deathly allergic to them so no go on that. :-(

Great post, sounds like everyone has found their new snuggle buddy!

Ashley said...

Wow, poor guy! Glad he found a new cuddle-buddy though. It'd be awfully lonely without one. =] Simon is just THE BEST cuddler with your cats. I adore the pictures you take of him and Sophie.

I, too, was a cat person until a couple of years into owning our Cardi. Wanted a dog, got her - then regretted my decision at first (dogs are so much more WORK! How am I going to DO this?!). ;-] She LOVED us so much though...just really got to me eventually.

I think cats still have my low-maintenance and independent. Don't have to worry about them when you take a vacation! But, dogs are much more fun...can just do more stuff with them!

Anonymous said...

You will just get a special location on the island! I would be there with you if my corgis got along with my cats as well as yours. I just happened to have corgis that like cats as chew toys and I was more allergic to them so they had to go.

Elizabeth said...

I'm SOOO jealous that your cardis behave around your cats. No cardi/cat snuggling in my house - but, I think it's because my cats are all psycho. Yours are clearly angelic.

Wonder whether anyone moved your blog from their Cardi roll to their "other" roll...or "outcast" roll? Of course, it might be fun to be on an "outcast" roll. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok. Parker sounds jinxed. Lol.

And, it seems that he has taken a really long time to find Simon!

Your love of cats brought you to Simon and Caleb! Who ROCK! Things work out for a reason, and I am so glad you found Cardis, cuz that is how we all found eachother!

And I am so sorry for your loss with the kitties. Major bummer for the whole family.

Shep said...

Hahaha, aw... I'm glad I'm not the only cat lover! Okay, phew, my blogdogging has not been revoked! Cardis are kinda like cats, really, I think that's what draws me to them.

Simon really is a GOOD dog with cats. Actually, both the boys are - but they've been that way since they were puppies, and I think the fact that I have Dusty, who loves puppies, really helped them realize that cats are pretty nice. Sophie simply doesn't take no for an answer. XD She'll just climb right in and expect the pile to stay still.

I've always had good cat dogs and good dog cats, thank goodness. Hahah, but neither of them are angels! BAD CATS, usually. ;) The Cardis are mostly perfect. ;)

Lol! I'm on the dogcast outcat blogroll! Well, that's okay, I can handle that.

*dies laughing at Yo* You know, it's awful? Around here, we had a saying for a while, which was "Oh oh, Parker's sitting with you, you're going to keel over."

Which is so unfair, it's just poor Parker's luck! But man, Matt eyes him warily every time he sits on his lap. ;)

Anonymous said...

Im looking forward to following this blog, and learning more about your Corgis. :) Ive wanted one for a very long time and am hoping to finally get one this coming year! I will be following trying to learn more about their temperments and personalities. :)

Unknown said...

It is nice to see cats and dog living together.

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