Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Simon and the Fluffy Ball.

What can I say. Give a striped Cardi a fluffy ball and he'll roll it around, take out the squeaker and gut it all over your house. (Ahem, Caleb.) Give Simon a fluffy ball and he'll play with it for hours and throw it for himself.

Yep. This dog is toy driven, just a bit! ;) I think if he ever discovered Flyball, he'd probably move out and go live with someone who did it on a regular basis. I know where I stand, heh!

Edit: Also, I am glad I am not the only one who has different names for toys in the house. Fluffy ball, Jolly Ball, Squirrel Ball, Football, "Don't you dare throw that in the house ball..."

Monday, August 23, 2010

32/52, 33/52 and a question...

32/52 "95 in the Shade."

Oh man, it was miserable here, whooch. Seattle is not meant to get to 95. It's against all nature. ;) So, new pool, since the dogs punched a hole in the old one, haha. Simon likes it because he can dive for his Wubba.

33/52 "Ferry Ride.."

Had to go across the water Friday for a trade show, so I dragged the dogs along with me. :) Simon and I went upstairs to shoot a few shots. As you can see, he's totally not paying attention to me hahah, he heard some people behind us stop and go "Oh! Look at the CUTE dog!" "What an adorable dog!" "EEE, I want to pet that dog!"

Yeah, he's totally not paying attention to me and hamming it up for those ladies. And their wonderful bag of potato chips. The little rotter knows instantly the "cute dog" tone and he is all ready to sit in someone else's lap and lick their face.

Running! Short little legs go!

(Also, I have to say, the fact that Simon's markings look like a map of the Americas crack me up. When he puts on a bit of weight, I go, "uh oh, buddy, your continents are drifting! Time to go jog more!")

Also, maybe someone can help me. Someone out there had a gorgeous grooming table with a Cardigan on it, and for the life of me, I can't remember who that was or if they made custom tables for folks. I actually not only wanted it for a grooming table, but for a temporary display table at work when we hold specials on products. Yep, I'm a multipurpose person, heh.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Sure has been lately. I usually never bring things up like this but lately we've had a run of strange people at work. I have no idea if it's the moon, the weather, or financial issues, but I totally think I can sadly relate to the Jet Blue guy who deployed the emergency slide. Trust me this week's been one of these weeks where I just want to say, "Excuse me please," pop the slide, and scoot to freedom. I think I'd have this face on, too! ;)

I've had a lot of strange things go on in customer service, some funny, some sweet, but it's the ones like the customer who winged an unopened can of dog food at my head that give me great stories, but make me wonder if people realize in customer service, most of the time, if you say, "Please help, thank you?" most good customer service folks will bend over backwards to do just that. Common courtesy gets you a long way, really! *grin*

So, hey, have some dog photos to laugh at. Caleb gets some cute shots before I make him sad and toss him in the tub.

Oh, and a happy Riley, because he's lording it over us all as supreme Pembroke dictator. ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

31/52 "Loungewear."

Simon and his dad watch football every single night together on the sofa. (Yep, we have NFL network here, mwahah. It's a routine they have, and it cracks me up.)

I loved that Simon's eyes and his dad's shorts were the same color, and wanted to sort of play with that a bit.

I've not done selective color before - usually my shots are straight out of the camera with minimal editing. This was sort of fun!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

30/52 "Where there's a will..."

I was cleaning out the garage and found Gabriel's old Jolly Ball that I'd put away after he passed. I'd forgotten all about it. Well, I figured I'd take it to the barn and give it to my mare to play with.

Simon was helping, and his eyes got huge when he saw that ball, haha.

Simon: "Want!"

Me: "Si, you can't fetch that. That ball is bigger than your legs, dude."

Simon: "Want want want bark bark bark bark bark want! Gimme gimme gimme am I annoying you yet? Want!"

Me: "...okay, gah, fine, here. You can have it."

He was right, he could fetch it. Apparently, once again, I am not smarter than Simon. ;) I guess it wasn't meant to go up to the barn after all.