Monday, August 23, 2010

32/52, 33/52 and a question...

32/52 "95 in the Shade."

Oh man, it was miserable here, whooch. Seattle is not meant to get to 95. It's against all nature. ;) So, new pool, since the dogs punched a hole in the old one, haha. Simon likes it because he can dive for his Wubba.

33/52 "Ferry Ride.."

Had to go across the water Friday for a trade show, so I dragged the dogs along with me. :) Simon and I went upstairs to shoot a few shots. As you can see, he's totally not paying attention to me hahah, he heard some people behind us stop and go "Oh! Look at the CUTE dog!" "What an adorable dog!" "EEE, I want to pet that dog!"

Yeah, he's totally not paying attention to me and hamming it up for those ladies. And their wonderful bag of potato chips. The little rotter knows instantly the "cute dog" tone and he is all ready to sit in someone else's lap and lick their face.

Running! Short little legs go!

(Also, I have to say, the fact that Simon's markings look like a map of the Americas crack me up. When he puts on a bit of weight, I go, "uh oh, buddy, your continents are drifting! Time to go jog more!")

Also, maybe someone can help me. Someone out there had a gorgeous grooming table with a Cardigan on it, and for the life of me, I can't remember who that was or if they made custom tables for folks. I actually not only wanted it for a grooming table, but for a temporary display table at work when we hold specials on products. Yep, I'm a multipurpose person, heh.


dreameyce said...

It was Sarah Keth that has the pink one, Don Glenn (Kingsbury Cardigans) is the hookup for those awesome tables, and they come in multiple color choices. I neeed a purple one myself, someday!

I love the running pic the best! Are ya'll coming down for Vancouver this year? I think that'll be Roy Roger's debut event :)

Carol said...

love the running pic! that dog is a hoot!

Shep said...

Oh, it is Don! I will have to try and get in touch with him, thank you, thank you Emily! I knew someone would know.

I uh, have no idea where I'm going at this point. XD;

Roy's a handsome devil, can hardly wait to see him out there in the ring! :D

Hahha, aw, thanks, Carol. Zoom zoom!