Sunday, August 1, 2010

30/52 "Where there's a will..."

I was cleaning out the garage and found Gabriel's old Jolly Ball that I'd put away after he passed. I'd forgotten all about it. Well, I figured I'd take it to the barn and give it to my mare to play with.

Simon was helping, and his eyes got huge when he saw that ball, haha.

Simon: "Want!"

Me: "Si, you can't fetch that. That ball is bigger than your legs, dude."

Simon: "Want want want bark bark bark bark bark want! Gimme gimme gimme am I annoying you yet? Want!"

Me: "...okay, gah, fine, here. You can have it."

He was right, he could fetch it. Apparently, once again, I am not smarter than Simon. ;) I guess it wasn't meant to go up to the barn after all.


Kelly said...

haha that is huge!! What a tough little guy :)

josefinesh said...

Hi, I've been eyeing through your blog the last couple of days and I just want to say that I love your colourful corgiphotos! Hopefully, a cardiganboy will move in with me and my old lady next year ;)

Love from Jo & Ambra

Amy said...

This is a great idea. I just posted a blog about unlikely toys my Pem Winnie enjoys and I think a Jolly Ball might be just the thing for her.

Your blog was recomended to me by A Tail of Two Corgis. I've enjoyed reading about "the crew." And look forward to more posts.

In case youi're like me and can't get enought corgi, Winnie and I can be found at