Monday, July 26, 2010

29/52 "Motorboat!" ( Lots of Corgi paddling, hahah!)

29/52 "Motorboat!"

(Kids and Simon know... if you make the noise, you go faster!)

Also, my poor friends come over to my house and get abused. "Hey, you have a cool motorcycle!"


"Can I put Simon on it?"

(Bryon is such a good sport! I need goggles for Si if I do this again but Simon was all like "I'm driving now. Hellllooooo ladies, check me out!)

Now onto the other cool things --- ocean fun! Took the boys out swimming at the local beach, and I learned a few things. One was that Caleb -who dives into my fish pond at the drop of a hat- was totally shocked by the big wide ocean, and wouldn't go in past his shoulders. But he'd chase his brother through the shallows.

But he preferred digging in the sand and eating it. Hmm, well, at least I know he's nice and clean on the inside!

Simon, on the other hand... in his past life, he was apparently a Newfie or some sort of seal, haha. He was out there and paddling around so quick it was funny to watch him. Of course, with Corgis, it's like two strides into Puget Sound and they're swimming, heh.

Swim, Simon, swim!
Caleb really was positive that going past your shoulders invites sharks to snack on you. "Simon, dude, I hear that John Williams ominous music, so I'm heading back to mom."
"I fear no shark. I'll club him with this awesome stick."
Or simply retrieve seaweed. Yum.
This is Simon's Baywatch expression. Move over Hasslehoff, I look more intense in slo-mo.

Monday, July 19, 2010

28/52 "Eagle Harbor", and assorted sunset photos...

28/52 "Eagle Harbor Marina"

I hadn't been down in downtown for a while, but we went for breakfast one weekend. Now, you know you've been doing dog photos too long when you look out on a gorgeous morning, see a rock wall, and go "Wow, I need to take a photo of Simon there!"

So, we happily went back during the week, and he obliged. ;)

Of course, Caleb wanted in on the action as well... goofball grin!

So, then we took some photos at night from our local marina, which is just a quick walk around the corner from the house... I decided I wanted to try a bit of evening photography, and the boys were happy to go for a walk.

I really like this shot of Caleb. He rarely sits still long enough to get shots of how pretty his head is when he's not being silly. I love, love, love his expression -- he's got such a gorgeous face and ears.

Of course, then it was time to wind down a bit and just enjoy the evening. Simon's still posing, though... and Caleb - well, he saw a blinky light on the ocean, and happily watched that for a while.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

25/52, 26/52, 27/52 , and hey, don't steal Simon!

So busy lately, and there's been some internet issues. Like, let's drop the connection every five minutes issues, ugh. Yay, I can post!

25/52 "Garrison Duty"

Simon at Fort Worden State Park. This park is where an Officer and A Gentleman was filmed.

26/52 "After the Parade..."
Simon at the Fourth of July parade here on the Island.

27/52 "Tour Guide Break"

Man, it was 97 degrees here last week. And for those of you who live here, you know what I mean when I say it was miserable. We Seattle folks are totally beside ourselves when it gets that hot, we wander around like sparkly vampires and hiss at the flaming ball in the sky.

So, my sister in law was out and we had a great time, but the last day she was here we decided to scoot by the little town of Port Gamble. It was hot, and we had ice cream, and of course, Simon had to go pose for me against this cool walkway and fence. I have to say the tourist in the background is what makes it for me-- she was a bit confused as to what me and the short dude were doing. ;)

Now for the funny -- well, not so funny part of my week. So, the other day I get up to a bunch of messages that said, "Hey, congrats on Simon making the Daily Puppy!" :D

Now, I have never HEARD of the Daily Puppy, so I am utterly confused.

Long story short, I didn't submit him. Someone else... er, "borrowed" my pictures off of my DA site. I had a feeling because the shot of Dusty and Simon isn't on too many places at all, it was more of a personal snapshot because technically, it's not the greatest, it's just cute. <3 I think it's in scraps there or dug in my flickr site somewhere.)

I went there and realized, wow, um, not only had they "borrowed" photos but that they'd changed Caleb's name to "Charlie," and had them as THEIR dogs with bios, and fake birthdates and everything! XD (Poor Caleb. Now we can really tease him about going to Candy Mountain. Inside joke. If you don't know it, go look up "Charlie the Unicorn" on You Tube (but beware, it's a bit er, not kid safe for language!)

I was totally baffled, but I wrote a very nice letter to the Daily Puppy explaining that they were my dogs, and I was very flattered that he was chosen and that I didn't mind sharing the photos at all, but that it wasn't me who submitted Simon, and I'd like my dog back. ;) I do embed my stats with the Nikon, including my name, etc, so yes, those were my shots, haha.

They totally emailed me back quickly, apologized, and fixed everything for me. I didn't mind, now that I was able to write his real biography and explain that he's my dog. I now have control of the submission process, and the person on there with the photos is actually me.

I couldn't believe it though - this person was giving out private messages and accepting thanks as if they were their dogs and photos! I honestly feel like there's something really creepy about someone taking your dogs and saying that they're theirs. How odd, honestly.... really, I'm baffled. It's sort of hilarious in a way though, Simon's a victim of identity theft! ;)

I will say next time they do this, I'm setting Caleb on them. He's been practicing his RAR face. ;)