Monday, July 19, 2010

28/52 "Eagle Harbor", and assorted sunset photos...

28/52 "Eagle Harbor Marina"

I hadn't been down in downtown for a while, but we went for breakfast one weekend. Now, you know you've been doing dog photos too long when you look out on a gorgeous morning, see a rock wall, and go "Wow, I need to take a photo of Simon there!"

So, we happily went back during the week, and he obliged. ;)

Of course, Caleb wanted in on the action as well... goofball grin!

So, then we took some photos at night from our local marina, which is just a quick walk around the corner from the house... I decided I wanted to try a bit of evening photography, and the boys were happy to go for a walk.

I really like this shot of Caleb. He rarely sits still long enough to get shots of how pretty his head is when he's not being silly. I love, love, love his expression -- he's got such a gorgeous face and ears.

Of course, then it was time to wind down a bit and just enjoy the evening. Simon's still posing, though... and Caleb - well, he saw a blinky light on the ocean, and happily watched that for a while.


Joanna said...

Awww... Gorgeous pictures as always and I love the thought of Caleb peacefully watching the blinky light for a loooong time.

Taryn said...

I do the same thing....everywhere I go, I see spots where I'd love to get a picture. Most of the time I never make it back to get the shot, but I have fun thinking about it! Having a blog is very motivating too, since I need something to post!