Thursday, April 21, 2011

Down at the beach...

Caleb and I went to Point No Point today for a photoshoot (and just chat) with Nancy, from Galena Cardigans and the lovely gentleman Nugget.

So, of course... gotta show the photos! ;)

One thing I love about Cardigans -- here's two young adult males and... hahah, totally cool with the whole thing. Not a grumble- well, not a serious one. Happy as could be, romping down the beach together, sniffing at things. There's a whole bunch of the pictures of Nugget over at Nancy's blog, so... I'll just toss up the ones I took of Libbers. Honestly, I LOVE shooting other people's dogs -- I admit, I get lazy since I know all the settings for my own, haha. ;) This was great fun and good practice and Nugget is SO well behaved, it was great. :D

Handsome boys! :D

... and soaking wet boys.

Caleb, the wet and dirty...

Hey, I see another dog!

Now I see... a bird!

And another bird!

And... another bird! (there's a pattern here.)

The end! (You can't catch me to put me back on those logs, wheeeee!) ;)


motorcycle gma said...

How fun to see the two together! So very different and yet the same. Thanks for the great morning.

Builder Mama said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Caleb with his one front paw up...both of our boys will do that at the same time if they see something. Too cute!