Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I miss the Moose.

Well, a whole bunch of circumstances yesterday helping to try and find a lost Cardi (who happily WAS found and now is at home, safe and snuggled, hooray!)

I just... wow, it's just hit me again, how much I miss my Gabriel. First time I've been out searching without him in six years now. I remember turning to Melisa as we walked Simon and Scout up into the worst areas and saying, "I just wish to heck I had Gabe right now."

And she said, "Yeah, I know."

But, on a lighter note... let me tell you, around here, it's never a grand thing to knock on the house door, talk to a fellow, and have him tell you there's a momma bear and two cubs on those backtrails that have no apparent fear of people, and he'd just spotted them on his lawn again this morning. And of course, they love to throw in the "If you get between her and those cubs she'll rip you apart!"

Yep, gotcha, thank you! Don't tick off fall-feeding momma bears.*

Of course, us without my bear bells that I ride with and walk the dogs at the barn with. we talked, whistled, and let the dogs bark every quarter mile when we were deep back there.

However, Kayla the Cardi is safe and sound, picked up on the bridge later this evening. That's the best ending, right there for her owner, all the people that love her, and Kayla. :) So many people chipped in so much time on this and put so much effort into helping, and her owner was so, so fantastic about getting the word out there and getting the fliers up - it was heartening to see how close knit the Corgi folks are.

*Note: This is wisdom to live by, right there. Personally, I'm less worried about the crabby bears then I am the scary road, bridge, and the speeding drivers, thanks!

(Yes, yes, the picture doesn't have much to do with the entry, I know. But I'll just point out that see how dirty his tongue was? Multiply that and you'll get how filthy he was in the car on the way home. (Yay, mud and decaying leaf litter, my favorite!)

Simon was tired last night, since he walked all that with me. I think the funniest part of the day was Melisa taking the car to stick fliers one way and me walking the other. When we finally met up a mile or so later, she rolled down the window, and Simon was like, "oh, yay, the car's here!" standing up on his hind legs and bouncing up and down. When we struck the next game plan and she drove off again, the look of shock on his face was almost comical. Okay, it was downright hilarious. ;)

"But... but mom! The car - she, uh, mom! The car, she's stealing our CAR! Crud."


dreameyce said...

*hugs* I assumed it'd be hard to help with the search without him, when you volunteered. I cringed a little, as I can only imagine.

You saw my last LJ post, about being upset Traum's retired. I can sympathize, but on a less painful level. I'm thinking about you in your time of healing, and remembrance.

I bet he's loose, up in that big airport in the sky ;)

Shep said...

*dies laughing*

I bet he is too, eating a mound of turkey sandwiches, happily and cheerfully.

Aw, you understand - there's a whole different feeling from a pet and a partner that you depend so, so much on for a situation like that. Don't get me wrong, I adore the boys... well, and Piper too!

I am so, so relieved that Kayla was found. I know how bad I panicked when my indoor cat got out and was missing for a few hours, and I was so sure he'd been hit or killed, wow. Let me tell you, that highway is awful during rush hour. I'm not kidding when I said I flinched and Simon flinched. I know how Liz felt - she was downright distraught. I'm glad we could at least help and offer support and get into some of those areas she simply couldn't.

It was really nice, after she was safe and sound. A little sad, but a little bit... well, it was good for me.

I can miss him, and I can miss it, but at this point in my life... I'm thrilled to be part of Cardipeople. :) Just so cool, how everyone pulled together, isn't it? That's a heck of a neat thing, and I think that's the feeling I like most - and I liked it in SAR too. Good ending, to what could have been a bad story. :D

dreameyce said...

I really firmly believe Cardis could be a good lost dog SAR prospect breed. I've been working with Cee, but darn bitch is visual-based, and it's hard to get her excited about things she can't see. We're working on it...

Maybe lost dog SAR is something to look into, you can use your passion, and use the Cardis! I'm hoping next year I can budget going to Seattle for the lost dog training course up there. I've tried to budget it, but being gone that long is just out or my budget with Curt in grad school. I've been pouring over the Kat Albrecht books, and following her training tips. Even if JUST for fun.

Something to consider ;)

Cardi people really are a 'different breed', even from the Pemmy people. I think we often take after the dogs we love :) Cardigans seem to know when they see another Cardi, and tend to prefer being with other Cardis! *G*