Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life really is like...

I'm sure all of you here remember all those great 70's shows for kids. You know, the kind where they tried to cram in all this learning in an hour. At the end, you could count to five in another language and annoy your parents in the car on long trips by putting together the same words over and over again for the entire time. "P- ET. Pet! D- OG. Dog! C-AT! Cat!"

I admit totally that I don't think I was an entirely normal child - to this day one of the nightmares I really, truly have never forgotten was related to Sesame Street.

Someone else here has to recall the short where the spooky number 12 that came out of the sand, created itself with rocks, and was sucked back into the desert wastes. What was up with that, seriously? I mean, think about it? It was downright creepy.

Darnit, let me tell you, when it comes out of the ground in a five year old's nightmare, said five year old leaps out of bed, runs to the bathroom, and sleeps in the tub the rest of the night with her blanket and rather non-amused cat.

Apparently, the number 12 cannot rise from the wisping sands of evil if you're in a bathtub.

However, I did learn at least a few non-horrifying things from Public Television! Really!




Thus concludes our programming for the day! Brought to you by the letters C and S...

(But not that darn number 12. I hope it gets hit by a bus.)


JulieandCaleb said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I laughed out loud a that one! :-)

dreameyce said...


My worse nightmare, was of a GIANT (even giant to me as an adult...) stuffed Snuggles, the fabric softner bear (About 4 feet tall) coming to life in my dream, and attacking me.

I could never go near that damned bear again, when previously, I'd used it as a bed!

As an adult, I considered figuring out getting it to Oregon, from Michigan, but decided no... I didn't want it to IRL come to life, and try to rip my throat out ;)

Though I admit, I think I not only watched too much Public Television kids shows, but too many nature shows too ;0P

Dune Cardigans said...

Although I hate that your childhood was haunted by 12s, I think your adult telling of it was hilarious! And Emily too - Yikes, giant Snuggles??!

I always think parent's solutions to nightmares are amusing too. My husband's mom told him to imagine monsters as ice cream cones - because ice cream couldn't hurt him. ;) My dad always told me to go pee. Apparently my dad didnt have time for make-believe... my mom let me sleep in their room, and I had an uncle that told me to fight back and quite being a wussy in my own dreams.
And I am glad that you like the number 13. Because that is my B-day number and I would HATE for my B-Day to get hit by a bus!!! ;)hehehe