Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary... (for us!)

Well, yesterday was our thirteenth anniversary, and we decided we just wanted to go spend time and go to the Olympic National Forest. Of course, we're odd folks, and decided to take the boys with us on the trip, and let Riley and Piper have a day of peace without pests. That and Matt bought me a new 70-300 lens for my Nikon. <3 I love, love, love it. It's going to be absolutely fantastic at the Zoo next time we go.

Unfortunately, the day didn't start out quite so good. Poor Matt got a call and his job told him he needed to come into work, sigh. Wow, usually that's me - we make the running joke that we've never been able to have an anniversary without some sort of crisis at my business. Ha, well, it was his turn. However, the one nice thing was that we were able to go and play in the morning... so, we took his car out there. Whoops, mistake number two. We ended up getting lost when they changed the roads in the back area, and uh, well, ended up on this road that was like the Matterhorn at Disney.

Simon promptly decided that Matt's car has stiff suspension, unlike mine, and threw up all over the back of the car. You have to laugh - nothing like an anniversary where you're stopping for paper towels and a little bit of leather cleaner and both of us were cuddling poor Simon and apologizing the whole way back on the road. Caleb, not to be outdone, promptly threw up too, but hey, in his way, had to one-up his brother by crawling under the seat to do it.

But aw, a little bit of ice-water later and a walk, and getting off the road from heck, the boys were just fine. No hard feelings. Had lunch at this fantastic little resturant up in Quilcene, too! Beautiful place, the seafood was wonderful. But hey, of course... photos.

Down at the river...

I wanna go with YOU, not with dad! (Sigh, such a momma's dog, isn't he?)

I has an itch!!

Loved the outcrop with these rocks, they were just absolutely vibrant.

Caleb, up on the outcrop.

Simon up on the trail - I love this shot. I'm glad no one came down right then, lying on your belly in the middle of the trail, they would have thought I'd lost my marbles, I'm sure.

Is that a bird? Mmm, bird!

Why can't we eat the bird, dad? Please? He would taste like chicken, we're sure!

Just a shot off the mountainside to share. I need a wide-angle lens, sigh. The light wasn't great up there, either - it was supposed to be sunny, but it ended up being overcast. It was nice though - I love days like that.

PS: Wherever we go, people like Cardis. It's amazing how many people come running up to us to ask what kind of dogs they are. Caleb's gotten to the point where anyone even randomly looks at him he is just wiggling all over, the goofball.


Taryn said...

We always joke that we need to have vests for our Cardis to wear in public. They would be pre-printed with "I'm a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, my name is Jimmy and I'm 2. Yes, you can pet me" or "I'm a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, my name is Wilson and I'm 6. I would prefer if you don't touch me as I am a bit shy." We have to say these things over and over when we take them out in a crowd.

manymuddypaws said...

those are GREAT pics of the boys together