Monday, August 3, 2009

Yay for Monday!

Well, hahah, it's my day off. I'm okay with that, I need one.

My Volvo's in the shop - it died this weekend on the way into work. With the boys in the car. Which is just grand until we had to hike back to get the other car because stupid me had forgotten her cell phone on the charger. The Corgis thought this was wonderful, a morning walk, how cool! Me, not so much. Had to have the poor old car towed in.

On a high note, it's my battery not taking a charge, and not my belt slipping like I had suspected. Hooray! On a low note, the car had been shuddering to a stop and a friend of mine was driving it while Matt was out of town.

It's far more noticeable when I'm in the back seat, and I had intended to take it in - it just beat me to the punch. Well, come to find out the rotors are so worn into a groove that it needs new ones, front and back. Because of this, it was giving the illusion that I had 40 percent of my pad left. Uh uh. 5 percent on the front, 15 on the back. Yipes! I am a bad car parent, but I will tell you, Volvos are tanks and just put up with things like this. Sooo, 1400.00 later, I shall get my car back, sigh. Good thing it's the work vehicle and I write off my repairs, sigh.

Dogs were out playing again this morning, so here's a few pictures of the crew doing what the crew does best. Okay, maybe not. I give them a ton of credit, I got to sleep in this morning - both pups now understand the growled words "Go back to bed!" and decided they really didn't need to potty at five AM when the sun was up after all.

Rare, when I get all four in the same shot. I don't care that it's a bit blurry, it's funny. Pem, Cardi, Pem, Cardi.

Caleb decided a few weeks ago that he didn't need a crate any more. Now he sleeps in Ali's old spot, next to my side in a basket. It's funny, no other dog wanted that spot - Simon usually curls up with Riley in the closet (don't ask, but that's where Riley's always slept. I gave up and he has a box bed in there) and Piper has her bed next to the drawers. It's funny, if I had to pick a dog that Caleb's most like, part of me says Ali - he's got so much attitude and is as stubborn as a mule. However, he's the one who really notices out of the crew if you're having a rough day, and he's right there, curled up on your feet.

Look, a whole dog. There's actually mostly a whole dog in this frame! I shouldn't laugh, but man, he runs like a ferret right now. ;)

Mind you, I wanted the merle. I love merles. My dog of choice that I wanted since highschool someday was a blue merle, thanks. I think blue merle Cardis are absolutely gorgeous. When I think about a way to go in Cardis, it always involves blue merles. Matt adores brindles, he loves brindles.

So of course, Simon is Matt's dog, through and through.

I got the stripey chompy one, go figure. *grin* S'okay. He keeps me on my toes.

(Kinda like us, really. I'm the on the go go go one, and Matt's just the laid back zen dude.)

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CorgiCapers said...

I think I need a drink...
or maybe, just a playbill

Your 'cast of characters' are so delightful! Really :)