Monday, August 10, 2009

Bye Bye Blue Wubba...

Okay, this weekend I made a horrible error in judgement. I was out throwing the Wubba for the dogs, and I should know that sooner or later that half-blind side of mine was going to catch up to me.

See, we have interesting neighbors behind us. The speculation is that they're a bit on the er, druggish side. Well, um, there's no speculation, a guy I knew who used to do landscaping told me that flat out when he was working on our house. Yipes. They have this little rotten trailer behind the house, and a bunch of older teenagers live in it. On a high note, they're rather quiet neighbors. On a low note, any toy I accidentally misjudge and toss over the 10 foot fence between the two properties... I don't get back. Sad. I think there's a horde of tennis balls and frisbees. Most of the time I really just smack the fence, though.

... didn't on Friday night! Tossed the Wubba over and it hit just on the top of the fence slats. Simon was staring at it and I might have been able to grab it and get it back on our side, had he not decided that this was the new game and ran up the fence boards to grab it. It went "teeter, teeter" and then fell promply into the tangle of blackberries and weeds on the other yard.

Simon, of course, was beside himself, barking and shrieking at the fence. I called him in just as Matt was coming into the kitchen. Then I was told -- "You threw it where? YOU can take him with you to work tomorrow, because I'm not dealing with Wubbabrain all morning screaming at the fence."

I tried baiting him with Gabe's old Wubba. No deal. He stood at that fence and made an idiot of himself.

So, sigh. New Wubba, his size, at work. All fixed. ;) Sheesh.

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