Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just don't think Caleb is ever going to grow into it. It's the longest tail I've ever seen. It's so long that my customers comment, "Wow, that dog has a really long tail!"

I just nod and say he found all the pieces of tail that the Pembrokes lost.

(See, Riley's got tail envy. Sure, that's it. Tail envy.)

(Also, Riley is down to thirty pounds. This is a huge thing, I'm so proud of him. I think he really needs to be about 25, but down from 42, wow.)

Also, if anyone's looking for large softsided crates, let me know. I got a really awesome deal on them (a distributor was closing them out) and I'll totally let them go for 99.00 to internet friend dog people. They normally retail from 129.99 to 179.99 most places. No tax, and I'll ship Fed-Ex ground for cost (be about 12-13 dollars in the lower fifty. They do have some Corgi sized ones, but they're a different company, so let me see the quality first before offering those too. I bought one for Caleb, because he still likes sleeping in a crate in the bedroom at times (when he's not on the bed, the little rotter) and they're great for going over to people's houses with.)


Traci said...

Wow is right, way to go on Riley's weight loss... now can you work on MINE?? ;-) Keep up the great work! :)

Shep said...

Hahhaha, I need to work on mine too!

Yeah, I'm really happy with how he's looking. I'm more happy since we've tried for three years to get his weight issues resolved, and my vet was actually getting desperate enough to suggest medication. We'd done every blood-test known to mankind on top of it...

The best part is that he actually gets to eat more than a quarter cup of kibble a day, poor kid. :)