Sunday, March 28, 2010

11/52, 12/52, and a quick photo drive-by...

11/52, "No, you give it!"

Simon says: I want that toy, dad! I wanted it five minutes ago when you asked me and I still want it now!

12/52 "Easy as..."
Falling off a log. Or Simon locking my keys in the unlockable car for three hours. Apparently you can do it if you step on the right button and do a Corgi Voodoo dance! No worries it was raining. :/ He was quite comfortable and took a nap. I sat in the barn and shivered after I realized there was no way I was getting into the car until Matt came to rescue me, hahah!

This is manic ball face. Manic ball face is somehow awesome when you catch it on film.

Caleb actually was with me at the Bremerton show this weekend. :) We got one point, going BOW on Saturday (Reserve on Sunday) and I was really pleased with him. He was much calmer, not a whirling, chatty, happy dervish. He really was happy and just going along, and I learned some really fabulous ideas for focusing him from some very nice people, and Dayl and I had a great time. I can say 14 Corgis in one house isn't as bad as three German Shepherds. (Gee, I still only have half a garbage can to scoop, hahahah!) Kim was wonderful as she always is, and so was Kate's mom, who did a wonderful job handling her girl out there! I really have to thank all the Cardi people up here... they've been so helpful.

Also: Caleb doing his best Zoolander impression. I cannot help but laugh at him, but man, it fits.

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Taryn said...

The manic ball face is great! Simon has such expressive eyes!