Friday, October 9, 2009

Let's talk about sharing -

Simon says - "no!"

Work's been just crazy nuts all week. Crazy nuts. It's good, which makes me feel better about getting into the holiday season. I'm far more hopeful this year than last. As long as it doesn't snow the week before Christmas, I'll be a whole lot better.

Also, I've honestly decided that my least favorite question sometimes is - "What is the best food for my dog?"

People often don't like my answer, which is, "Every dog is different, there is simply no perfect, best, all around absolute, or we'd only have one way to feed, one diet, or one brand, and they'd corner the market."

Of course, then they ask me what I personally feed, and usually right then Caleb goes strutting by with a mouthful of cat hair or bird feathers or random paper napkin, hahaha. You have to laugh!


Dune Cardigans said...

I think the crazyness at work is going around! Busy is better than dead (unless you dont want to work ;)
Caleb is a crack up!
Will we be seeing you in Vancouver?

Shep said...

Oh man, it really has been nuts. I'm honestly at the point where I'm about ready to say, "Nah, the dogs can run loose in the shop, but please for the love of someone leash the kids?" ;)

Caleb is that. Never a dull moment. I guess today while I was gone up to the store, he chewed through the short lead I use to leash behind the counter and decided to go get himself a drink of water.

My manager caught him in mid drink and went, "Hey, are you supposed to be -- oh you little---"

Caleb: *blink blink... what? What are you--- oh. Oh... friggit, right, I was leashed up, wasn't I?*

I got back and he was lying perfectly where I left him. I didn't even notice he now had a new lead, but I guess he took one look at her wrath and booked right back to the counter where he had been told to stay and didn't move a muscle.

I have to love him, but man, he's a naughty dog sometimes. XD

I hope so! Done the entry - and I'm hoping you guys are willing to take them around for me again, haha. That reminds me, need to pay for the hotel, yipes! :D