Sunday, October 25, 2009

A day at the show in pictures...

(Yup, we were at a show this weekend, so... no Corgicatures for me today. I'll make it up later this week, promise! You're all dog people, you'll forgive me. ;) Instead, I'll share a few pictures from the show, haha. Nothing major to report - didn't do anything the first day, but Caleb got RWD the second and beat the dog who won the first day, so I'm happy with it!

Also, my camera is totally broken. Something's messed up and I've forced it into inside picture mode, but it's not a happy camper. So, forgive the lousy photos.)

Hi mom... I smell like flowers! :D

Huh... lookit that huge dog! It's ginormous!

Check it out ladieeees! Chicks dig me! :D (We have decided this is Caleb's tagline, haha! Man, he's just a happy little dude, blur and all.)

Only decent shot of Simon in the ring in two days. Sigh. He was having fun, but all the shots just came out lousy except this one.

Hi to the nice dog who won yesterday... (Who played nice with him for a few minutes, aw.)

Eep! Don't kiss me! Bella's going in the ring! I gotta look manly!

This is Bella! She likes me. A lot. All she wants to do is push me over though and punch me and chew on me. Mom says it's playground love. I just figure it's best to roll over. Girls are mean.

Phantom, the lap stealer, haha. She's just sweet, I love her.

Simon apparently takes great photos at the hotel room.

I'm on your side? Oh. I love you?

Thanks again to Dayl and Y for handling them for me, and I got to meet Emily and Dea and Cee! Which was awesome fun! :D Again, Caleb got knocked over and loved on by a girl. XD Poor Caleb. Girls just love roughing him up and licking his face. I keep telling him he should appreciate it, but he's not buying it one bit.


dreameyce said...

It was great to meet ya'll, and hope we get to hang out more next time :)

Jules said...

Sounds like a very fun day!! I don't think the pictures came out half bad, but I think that is cause mine are generally terrible!

Shep said...

Aw, it was great to meet you too! :D

I thought it was terribly cute that Simon liked Dea so much, wow. Caleb's sort of rather self-absorbed... ;) But Simon really liked her. He honestly isn't keen on most kids - not mean, but has no interest in them whatsoever. For him to kiss her and love on her is a big thing. :)

You guys were great! And Cee's SO adorable! :D I love, love, love how happy she is!

2Grandmas2 said...

I've been meaning to ask how Simon's leg was doing. Obviously it is fine since he was in the ring.
So when are you back to work??


Shep said...

It's okay - he seems to be not limping at all, so I guess the weeks of just calm quiet no full scale leaping over hill and dale did him good.

Honestly, to be perfectly fair, I better have a judge that likes his noggin then his front. ;)

But I'm usually at work Tues/Wed till two or later, Thursday I've been taking off to catch up on paperwork, I'm there Friday/Sat...

You have my cell phone, right? :D Text or call me!