Sunday, October 11, 2009

Corgicatures #2 - "Hunter"

So let me preface this by saying that I met Hunter and Y. of Dune Cardigans for the first time at a herding trial this spring. Here I was, a German Shepherd person my whole life, and here are all these Shepherds out working...

Hunter was the one who blew my doors off that day. He figured the whole thing out and had those sheep moving like he'd done it every day of his life. A dog with drive and work ethic will always set me drooling, and the fact that he's darn handsome on top of it is my icing on the cake. ;) Whuff!

For some strange reason, cartoony sheep are fun to draw... *grin*

Thanks, Y. for letting me doodle him! :D

(I'm still taking slots for these, I've been asked, so, yep! Everyone who's replied so far, gotcha down, no worries! Hoping that this week is kinder to me work wise and I can finish a few!)


penni said...

Great drawing of a dog who is serious about his sheep. I was a GSD person as well, but this portable version is much more fun. Besides you can fit more in bed with you.

Holly said...


And Ii was a GSD person too that got hooked on Cardis. My forum name on my horse site is "shep" as well, short for shepherdqueen.

Jules said...

Love the sheep. You captured that "I got sheep" look on Hunter perfectly!

Traci said...

Great job - again! :) I just know that she will LOVE your doodle of Hunter! :)

manymuddypaws said...

great job! love that you can see his bossiness through the cartoon.

CardiCorgiOwner said...


Dune Cardigans said...

WOW, that is awesome! You got his dark dark brindle color and that expression on the sheep is hilarious!
Yep, he makes me proud everytime I watch him herd. I just wish I were closer to a facility where we could go more often. He reminds me of a cutting horse - focused eye, low to the ground, that sheep is NOT getting by him!
Your drawings are unique and fun. Thanks so much for your nice words about my boy! Cant wait to see who else you characturize!

Shep said...

Aw, you're most welcome - it was totally my pleasure, Y. He's just such a cool dude. It's okay, Dayl said to me when I talked about him to her "You know, I saw you completely drop your jaw and drool when he was herding."

... hahah, guilty. ;) His brains match his beauty. What more can you ask for in a guy?

Aw, thanks everyone - this one was fun. The sheep was just hilarious.

You know, it's really interesting how many of us were GSD people before these guys. I'm sold on Cardis though. I sort of wish I had done it ten years earlier. :)

Hey now, Penni, I was a no dogs in the bed person. Good old old school, dogs sleep on the floor. (Nicer beds than mine, mind you!)

I uh... yeah, then I got Caleb and uh... well, he's a cat. Yeah, that's my story. It's got stripes, he knows the command to purr and goes "rrrrrrrrrr" XD

Simon's also a cat, just a very odd colored calico, right? ;)

(Haha, Holly, I admit, all my friends give up and call me Shep too - and my mom sometimes. I picked it up back in highschool and it's stuck over the years. On all the horse boards I'm on, I'm Shepdog, hahah, so I understand totally.)

Dawn said...

Great job, love it!

dreameyce said...

Eeek! Love it! He looks so intent, yet the sheep's going "OMGWTFBBQ!!11!" as they would say in net-speak ;0P

LOVE the brindling! I can't wait to see the rest! WHEE! It is so cool that you're doing this :)

Taryn said...

Another great sketch! My very first dog as a young kid was a GSD. He started me on a life time of herders. To the unsuspecting, I tell them my Cardis are a "new" breed, Miniature GSDs!

marion said...

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