Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pembroke for Rehome - Seattle Area

I don't have all the details yet, and I've only met the dog a few times myself.

However, he's coming here this morning to foster with me and I'll evaluate him and get a better picture of what he's like.

So far, this is what I know...

Four year old neutered male Pembroke, red and white. Housebroken. No papers (however, yes, he is purebred. Came from a puppy-sales store that is no longer operating in my area.) In good health, though, up to date on all shots, etc. First home gave him to another owner, and he is just not working out with her situation - she has no fence, an elderly dog that he pesters and tries to play with all the time (the old dog is not amused) and has a grandchild on the way, and she was not informed of all of his issues, either.

Edit - okay, this is a NICE dog. A really, really nice dog. If I didn't have four of my own I'd take this guy, but he really deserves a home where he can be an only child. I think he'd be happiest that way. Heck, my own two rescues came with more issues than this guy.

Is a real cuddler, wants attention. I handled him and fitted him for a harness, and he rolled right over and wanted a tummy rub. Clipping his nails, he licked my fingers, aw.

He is good with cats. (At least is really nice to mine and knows what cats are. My cats rubbed on him, walked around him, and trotted by him and he never broke to chase and politely sniffed and let them be.) Walks nice on a leash, quiet, has been crate-trained at one point, and sat in one politely when we went out to eat. Cried a little bit, barked a little bit, but when we came back he was quiet and asleep.

Is a little dog-crabby when dogs get in his face, and yes, he's dominant, but does not seem to be dog aggressive. If they leave him alone, he leaves them alone. Was out with all four of mine playing a few hours after he got here and there was a little squabble, but nothing serious, just typical push and shove as they sorted out the order. Doesn't like dogs coming up to him when he's on his leash, though, and will lunge and growl. (At home, I gave him one immediate correction, and he hasn't even tried to be cranky since. He's not a dominant people dog at all, really wants to please and be right with you.)

The previous owner says he's not fond of children, but he was with me today at work and he seems to be okay with older kids, so far. I don't think he'd be great around really young kids.

Knows basic commands, come, (he'd like to ignore this one, though) sit, down, stay... I think he knows shake, but I'm not entirely sure. Okay with handling his feet and his teeth, rides politely in the car, sitting on his seat and not jumping around the car - (and loves car rides!) Is a gentleman taking food and snacks - he's NICE with treats. Not food aggressive at all. Loves to play with toys.

Bad points - hahah, that lousy "come" word. He is a bolter, and you'd need a fenced yard, or have him on leash all the time. I have a feeling he'd get better with training, but it's going to take a bit. Supposedly has marked in the house, but man, you'd think he'd pee here and he hasn't, not once. Very toy and attention possessive/reactive, and that is what starts his squabbles with the other dogs.

Edit #2 - Yup! It's toy related - he loves to play with toys and DOES not want to share with another dog. He doesn't care about food and the other dogs, or space and the other dogs, it's all about the toy. So far, his "fighting" is just all sound and fury and snapping, but he's not connecting. Corrected, he does stop immediately, and did not try it a second time during the playtime. However, I can see why they had problems in a multi dog household. The toy is his trigger.

Edit #3 - Attacks vacuums, he was all about getting that sucker when I took it out and started cleaning. ;) Hahahah.

Also, very licky and does jump up.

This is an awfully nice dog. I think he's something pretty special, here. He'd really love to live with someone and be an only dog so he can have all the attention and car rides for himself.... :) He's not a dog-dog, he's a people dog.

If anyone knows of anyone that might be interested in giving this guy a home, let me know!


2Grandmas2 said...

Wow! It seems that I have somehow stumbled into YOUR blog. Either that or you just happen to have two cardis named Simon and Caleb...

Shep said...


Yeah, it's my blog! *waves* It's a small dogblog world when it comes to Cardis!

Stumble away! Pull up a chair on the porch, hahah! We have dog-cookies! :D

MelmoK said...

I hope you find a place for him Shep. He sounds sweet.
In fact, 90% of the corgi people I've found on the net are from the Northwest, a forum I joined I SWEAR has a member from every part of WA!
So really, I have no doubt you'll find a lovely home for him.

Shep said...

Aw, I hope so too!

He really is a nice boy. He's curled up in his basket here, sleeping next to the sofa. I'm really impressed with his manners so far, he's settled right in, and my living room is covered in Corgis. And one cat, in the middle of it all.

*laughs* It's really funny, I never saw Corgis in our area until we got them several ago, and suddenly everyone got a Corgi. Even my vet blames us, it's sort of funny!

Aw, a Corgi forum? :D How neat!

MelmoK said...

Yep, corgi forum. It's the cool2bCorgi corgi forum if you want to have a look see.

2Grandmas2 said...

Hmmm, he has the same long legs as my Henry. Did he come from the area? Henry came from a BYB who is very prolific. 'Twas a very sad situation and other than non stop yapping he is a great guy.

Shep said...

Not from around here. Honestly, I know exactly where he came from, which is a puppy mill in the midwest. I would guess that he's likely from the same area as Riley, my rescue boy. No papers, but...

It was a guy here in the area who thought he'd make a buck selling dogs... he bought from the same wholesale place that the nasty, icky barn (you probably know what I'm talking about) in Silverdale does. :/

Honestly, I feel guilty in a way. The guy actually knew me and the shop and my dogs (he was in there all the time before he started his business) and then started telling people that his Corgis came from the same place mine at the shop did, yadda yadda.

Sigh. I still feel bad - people around here thought - oh, it's Riley! Riley's a great dog (he wasn't, oh man, he was nasty as a puppy, biting and everything)

If Shep's got a dog from there, it's got to be above ground, no puppy mill there.

Well, you bet Riley is so puppy mill it's not funny. I went and looked up his breeder once - she's one of the big legislative forces for commercial breeders.

He left out that part about my dog being a rescue and sure sold it like I bought him from these folks he got his dogs from instead of having him dumped on me.

Found out later from the people who bought a different Corgi from him that's what he said to them. I just stood there in shock and then just called on the phone and had it out with him.

I have a good rep I've earned with my shop and he totally borrowed it and lied about Riley to sell his poor puppy mill dogs for a grand. Rar. Jerk.

At least I can get this one into a home. He deserves that. He's a NICE dog.