Monday, June 29, 2009

Not a Cat.

Or maybe Caleb's not a dog. These two just crack me up. Now, Dusty loves puppies. He loves to wrestle with puppies, and he can do a pretty good honorary frap. I will say though that Caleb's been the funniest one yet to watch play with the cat; the cat swats with a paw, Caleb reaches out and swats with a paw, and then they sit back on their haunches and slap each other silly.

They were goofing around the hall this morning, so I finally managed to sneak in a few bad shots of them playing.

She has a camera? Huh. Should we leave now?

Oof! Hey, that's it, no holds barred! I win! I win!

Ow, ow! No fair, no fair! Mom, he's got me in a headlock! He's... winning. Crud. Why does the cat always win when we play this game?


penni said...

Thanks for the great laugh!

Taryn said...

Love these pictures! Especially the one in the middle with the mouths wide open!

Traci said...

TOO Cute!!