Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last weekend...

Simon, waiting patiently behind our booth at "Wag Fest."

The boys really didn't think that whole x-pen thing was fun, but they were really good. We actually saw two other Cardis that day. A brindle, from a distance who we didn't get to meet, and an 11 month old who was whoa oh my goodness huge. He had at least ten pounds and four inches on Simon, and he was a pink, too! All I got was a shot of his tail, unfortunately, but Simon were all excited to see each other, and immediately set to wrestling. They played for a bit - it's funny how Corgis know other Corgis, and they all play like Corgis. ;)


penni said...

Have you had the experience yet where the cardis peel off from the pems to go play? We have a corgi club -- purely social -- in central NM. When we have our monthly play date, the two breeds separate for play time. I guess our cardis are snobs of sorts.

Shep said...

Hahah! Hi! You know, it's funny you should mention that - my Cardis and my Pems do a little bit of playing together, but when it comes down to real serious chase me and wrestle games, they split off into Pems and Cardis. The Cardis love to throw down and wrestle and sprint and run and throw down again; my Pems do the "chase me," and then flop down on the deck together and watch them wrestle.

I guess they are breedists! ;)