Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh noes! The Green Eyed Man!

I ended up getting a day off of work unexpectedly. (My car is still in the shop, and my manager forgot that I needed a ride in today and got stuck talking to a client for a petsitting job this morning way over his alloted time.)

So, I'm sitting here working on some art, and I decide to pop in Bolt for background fun. I've had it sitting here for weeks, unopened.

The opening sequence, where he's a puppy, squeaking his toy and whining? I look over and Simon and Caleb are staring at the big screen, wagging, totally focused on the TV.

"Whuff!" Simon says.

"Bark!" Caleb agrees.

Apparently, they figure he looks like a Cardigan more than a Shepherd too!

Darnit, and my camera battery is on the charger. Go figure. It's hilarious, they've been watching it for about fifteen minutes now. The sequences with the people bore them, but they utterly recognize it's a dog. Kind of neat, really!

(Pardon my really messy TV stand. I swear, it's not normally this bad. Pictures, though! Caleb wants to blow up buildings with his eyes, I bet. Maybe it's not a good idea to let him watch this.)


Taryn said...

Hi there! Love your blog, you take wonderful photos! My younger Cardi Jimmy had the exact same reaction to the movie Bolt. I posted about it too on my blog. Check it out on Jimmy's post: http://cardiganshirecorgis.blogspot.com/2009/06/jimmy.html


manymuddypaws said...

pixel LOVES tv- and barks, or growls at dogs, birds, and horses...

cute pic!

Shep said...

Hey, hi! Nice to meet you -- oh, your blog is wonderful, what gorgeous dogs!

Isn't that funny, that Bolt would get the dogs watching? I mean, they genuninely recognized the cartoon as a "dog" and not something else, and that held their interest. Usually they have interest at dogs on TV, like if we're watching a dog show or a movie with a dog in it, but not on animated movies. It was interesting to see the reaction; they even had Riley watching it for a few moments. Piper, of course, is utterly oblivious. She ain't bright.

Pixel watches TV too? Interesting - I've had two Shepherds that did, but neither of the Pems shows much interest at all. Both Cardis do, though.

I wonder why that is? If it's a specific dog thing, or if it's a breed thing- the Cardis do seem a lot more aware of their surroundings and changes in it. :)

Kim said...

I'm going to put a lightening bolt on Casper for Halloween. He SO looks like Bolt!