Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ah, I really love my shop.

*laughs* Whoo boy. See Piper's ignore face? The one where you're smiling and trying to ignore the goob right next to you breathing in your ear? I need to take lessons from Piper, she's got a good one!

So, tonight I just have to shake my head here and share with other dog folks. I know some of you work in pet-related industries. We have Chuck-its which are these ball launchers for dogs, right? They come in four sizes, appropriate to your size of dog. She picks one up and comes stomping to the counter.

"Do you NOT KNOW this size ball can choke a DOG! My dog is a Lab, you could KILL him with this."

Me: "Er, that's the small dog size, ma'am. For small dogs?"

Her: (Has to think about this for a minute. Not kidding.)

Me: Grits teeth - honest, it's a pleasant customer smile.* It's not me threatening to bite if you shove it in my face again. "Like small terriers, and toy dogs? Little dogs? See the package, why would you have a big dog play with that? There's the big dog one, and then the giant dog one, over here."

Her: Eyes me, then stalks over and puts it back. "They're too expensive anyway."

That's been one of a whole lot of them today. I've also had my constant dog food returner who feeds half a pound to her four pound Pom and then brings the rest back. I think we're on bag twenty plus or so, sigh. I love that, boy oh boy. Sheesh.

*Note: Yep, Piper and I had the same expression. "Keep grinning! They'll go away sometime...."


dreameyce said...

Those small balls? BAN THEM! They might hurt her dog. Oh, and don't sell non-human grade foods in your store either, because children might eat them, and get sick....

You know, who needs to be RESPONSIBLE, when we can just bitch about, and ban everything we're afraid might be misused.

/ You're a much sweeter, more tolerant person than I am. There's a reason I really don't work in customer service ;0P

Kathi D said...

. . . but maybe if this little dog one was a lot cheaper I could try it . . . but then if it kills my dog I'm going to sue you.

manymuddypaws said...

aren't people grand?!!!