Thursday, June 4, 2009


Darn those Cardigans.

Caleb is a cat-food addict. If he can grab it, he eats it. Not allowed in the house, thank you! I had the cat food on a table, and he literally learned to jump from the floor to the table. Fine, fixed that (or thought I did) I got a higher table.

Well, had to have the mobile vet out for one of the cats. I looked through the window and see both Pembrokes lying by the door. No Cardis. None.

... darnit. Found them instantly - they'd opened the door to the back room, snuck into the cat food area and pushed a small table back here across the floor to the taller table, and both of them had leapt up on the table and were stuffing down the cat food as fast as possible in the bowls, plus they'd snagged the bag off the bookshelf by rearing up on their hind legs on the table and it had exploded all over the floor.

Needless to say, they were moving pretty darn fast when I came in there, and I was ticked as heck. I don't know which one pushed the table there, but it was seven feet away from where it had been. While I give them mucho credit for problem solving, I am NOT amused about the amount of calories they just packed down in five minutes. Grrr.

Edit: Then I kicked them both outside, and what does Simon do? I walk out on the porch and he's in the fishpond yet again. This time, he had apparently dropped his ball into it, and his ball drive was higher than his "Get out of there darnit!" drive.

Luckily the camera was right on the kitchen table. I totally wholeheartedly believe Caleb threw it in there in the first place. I think my poor goldfish are getting a complex... It's like Dogzilla goes through there twice a day.

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auds said...

Hahahah! Oh man. XD

I can't say I blame Simon with the weather like it is this week.