Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simon In Seattle

Simon and I went to Pike Place market for a street fair today with a friend, and Caleb got to stay home and be puppysat by another friend. (She's braver than most.) I really wanted to give Simon a little more socialization around crowds of people - he'd been really shying off the last time we were out in Seattle, which surprised me. He was fine at the trade show, so I thought things had gotten back to normal.

Seems to be the case, whew. Just a little touch of the ten month old 'I'm shy today' phase, I guess. Today, he was back to his old cheerful little social self - well, he was back to his typical "Don't know you, politely let you pet me, and ignore you self." Except for a few people; one who was playing the cello on the ferry. She came over after she was done to pet him and play with him, and then she found out his name was Simon and said, "Oh! I play a song called Simon's Song..."

So, then she proceeded to sing it for him. It was terribly cute, he tilted his head and wagged the end of his tail and listened to her sing to him. (She had a lovely voice, wow.) People really get a kick out of Cardigans for some reason; I think this is the dog I've had the most comments on ever, and I've had a lot of dogs, haha. Well, then again, maybe it's because no one really wants to come up and snuggle a German Shepherd. Most people of course, don't recognize what he is. Except for a new Pembroke Corgi owner who owned a booth there who was so excited to see an actual Cardigan in person that she came running out of it. I've decided you know you're a Corgi person when both of you whip out your cell phones and share photos.

Oh! A fountain. Boooooring.

Hahah, whoa, is that my dog? Oh man, he's growing up, sheesh.

I liked this, it reminded me of an old western photo, with the lamp. I normally don't play with photographs like this, but it really works! I liked how it came out, aw.

Of course, after a long, long day, instant nap. The cutest thing was when we got to the ferry terminal, and he hopped up in the chair beside us and curled up to take a quick breather. Then an older woman sat down next to us (and haha, out came the cell phone with an adorable parti-poodle on it.) She called him and cooed over him - Simon actually walked over me to get to her, and then put his head on her lap. We were surprised; he must have really liked her... or he just knew she had a nice soft lap. Ran into my vet there too, haha - she hadn't seen him for a few months, and she was like, "Whoa, he's gorgeous, and what a good temperament, wow. Totally a big masculine head, he's no longer a puppy, is he? I love him."

So nice of her to say. That means a lot to me, she's a great vet.

Caleb, of course got into trouble. ;) But that's for another entry.



dreameyce said...

He's at that gangly stage, where I REFUSE to look at him at all, but I'm going WTF happened to his FEET! LOL They look so LIDDLE in this pic!

I still love his head though. I'm a total head person, and his is so appealing. The rest of him? No comment. ;0P

What do his breeders say about when is the best time to show him?

Shep said...

Hahah, well, I refuse to look at him a lot too!

He's got big clunky paws, so I don't know what happened to them for these shots. I think it's my angles -- well, then again, he may have just lost his feet as he's realized he has other neat bits. Someone has realized he's a boy - oh man, did we have WORDS the other day at my store when he thought he could lift his leg in there. He sure thought he was going to die. We do not lift our legs anywhere inside. End of discussion. If none of my Shepherds ever did it, no Cardi gets to do it either.

And yes, yes, I know he's over at the shoulder and forward in these but I was so happy he actually stood and free stacked for a bit of a nibble and was paying attention, if in a sloppy puppy way. Yay! Distractions up the kazoo, lost for a bit of chicken. :D

You know - Dona told me not to be surprised if he matures very slowly. She said, up to two years, give him some time to come back to what he was as a puppy, and I'm not surprised. He's grown in a totally different pattern than Caleb. Caleb's gangly now, at six months. Simon didn't get all weird until about 10 months. His head is very grown up, the rest of him, um... yeahhhhh. As the famous saying goes, "Rule number one, we do not talk about Fight Club."

( Where'd my pretty puppy go? )

... yeah. Let's just focus on his head right now. And his rear angulations not too bad, either! ;) The rest?

... hey, look! It's a uh, nuclear powered hamster! Over there, look, look!