Friday, May 1, 2009

Trade shows are hard work.

Went to the Evergreen Trade show today with the boys. Figured we might as well socialize and work around some more crowds. They were so, so good and so well behaved, (Caleb acted like he'd seen this every day of his life) and I'm really proud of them. Simon didn't even spook when a guy walked by in a gorilla costume and hooted at him. He just had this look like, "Oh, okay crazy man in a fuzzy suit..."

(Five hours into the show, the boys gave up, and Caleb piled on Simon to take a nap. Simon was already taking a nap, so they looked incredibly adorable. Sorry for the cell-phone pic, taken by my manager. My boot is under Simon's head, if that helps - hey, they're really comfy boots. I recommend Ariat boots to anyone.)

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