Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sundays are good days.

Except for the fact that he was in the fishpond again and had to take yet another bath. Sigh, I wish the dryer was here! (Got the table, and it helped a ton tonight drying him, for sure...)


dreameyce said...

When you get the dryer, I'm making you bathe mine too ;0P haha

I soooo need a dryer. After the national, I'm soooo convinced!

Shep said...

Hahah, come on up, I'll totally bathe your crew! ;) I'm getting really, really good at it, let me tell you.

... note - I need to put a darn fence around my fishpond. :D

I got a good deal on mine on ebay, and hopefully I'll love it when it comes. I DO love my table, wow. Makes drying him a whole lot faster with me not crouching in the bathroom using towel after towel and still not getting underneath him.

Also, trade shows are awesome with Corgis. We picked up some serious swag because they were so cute. XD

... hahah, I can hardly wait to try this texture shampoo!

Shep said...

Also, every time I look at my darn dog on certain angles, I swear he has a map of the US on him.

... a badly drawn map, but still!

dreameyce said...

I've been here 2 days, looking for a blog post... did you fall into the pond too!?!

;0P heehee