Saturday, May 30, 2009

80 degrees, what a ball!

Simon got a new toy...

Caleb expresses the fact it's too hot and I won't let him leap back into the fishpond, argh. Man, I'm tired of the fact the boys smell like mud and goldfish, ugh!

Piper then told Simon to talk to the paw, because he was being obnoxious and barking in her ear.

Finally, they apparently decided to do a homage to manymuddypaws' crew when Matt brought the steaks out to the grill. ;) (As you can see, Caleb's got a one track mind and it's all on eatin' a cow.)

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dreameyce said...

I *LOVE* that bottom pic, and think it needs to be a blog banner!

I should make a new banner for mine soon, but don't have the heart to. Damn sentimental pics :(